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    Meet the “New Usual”. Better than the old… but still the usual.

    • Lina Jones

      FUCK YEAH, She-Hulk!

      Also, I, too, am not so much into the Deadpool.

    • Jegsimmons

      Im not going to see this film because im just tired of run of the mill marvel films.
      really just super heros in general, you seen the first few marvel origins youve seen them all.
      and honestly Avengers and most of these movies have little re-watch value to me anyway. Its just plain old good enough pg-13 cgi action films.
      and the key phrase is “good enough”
      thats all they are is just “good enough”
      they dont ever really feel inspired, honestly they all feel like filler.
      Thing is, you can only write Joss Whedon style characters in superhero action films so many times before it gets old and boring.

      Im just waiting for the more self contained small story style films like Dredd 2, punisher, deadpool and lobo where its one cool guys doing one thing and we get some good violence.
      and at least with deadpool and lobo they’re very self aware so the quirks and comedy is actually more appropiate

      • man

        bitch moan, first world problems

        • Jegsimmons

          How is that a first world problem to be bored with movies that are formulaic and like the ones before it?

          • man

            You haven’t seen it yet. Argument invalid, bitch

            • Jegsimmons

              because ive seen the other 9. Cock sucker.

      • RobMcCune

        Guardians was the most fun I’ve had at the movies in a long time, you might want to give it a chance despite what Sage says.

        • Jegsimmons

          i wasnt going to see it, REGARDLESS of what sage says.

          im just marveled out. huge case of over exposure has caused me to loose interest.

          • RobMcCune

            Fair enough, I didn’t see Cap 2 for the same reason. For me the film was more than “good enough,” it was just good, but I’m not a big enough comic fan to really know the GotG material.

    • Jegsimmons

      The reason why im for a deadpool movie is mostly because of the people behind it are not pulling a WAYpool and Deadpool can actually break the formula and is so meta and self aware its a breath of fucking fresh air.

    • JillyBean

      Ahhh I’m going to disagree on Iron man 2 or the Thor movies being the weakest when the Hulk movie is still technically part of the Marvel movie series.

    • Alexa

      Um I have to argue that Captain America 1 and 2 were pretty straight laced as they could be. Plus Marvel films do have the deep and somber moments, they just have the forethought to balance those moments with fun moments, which DC is incapable of doing. Its either sad as hell, dark, and humorless, or nothing at all with DC. Basically DC is bland, and Marvel has way more flavors, sometimes those flavors are a bit overwhelming, but overwhelming flavor is better than no flavor at all. Also the Kevin Bacon gag was probably James Gunn doing an inside joke of some kind, since he’s worked with Kevin Bacon before in the film Super. That’s my theory at least, and I thought it was funny *shrugs*

    • Christian Neihart


    • Christian Neihart

      Also, Battista plays Drax the Destroyer.

    • I still kinda want to see this, if only for Batista.

    • rudy023

      I would go to see a She Hulk or a Deathstroke movie. Hopefully, the success of GOTG will open the doors for more of the lesser known characters in Marvel & DC Comics getting movies & not just have them going to the Batman/Superman well as often.

    • hariman

      It’s fun. It’s funny. And it has good characterization.

      That’s enough for me to like it quite a bit.

    • Ronnie

      They did make one entirely straitlaced film. It was called Incredible Hulk. It tanked, hard.

    • Leslie48 .

      They actually did explain why Zoe Saldana’s character survived for so long in space, it’s part of her augmentations she received as Thanos’s adopted daughter/assassin. I think it was Rocket Raccoon who explained that bit (it was a real quick line, you might have missed it.)

      As for the other, sorry but.. no. No your face doesn’t explode like bad puppetry of Arnold Schwarzennager on the surface of Mars when exposed to space. The temperature is near absolute zero, but also there’s no convection or conduction so it’s really hard to get all the heat still in your body OUT of your body when you’re in space (That’s why the space shuttle always kept it’s doors open when it was in orbit, radiators). We’ve been conditioned by science fiction to see being ‘spaced’ as this horrifically gruesome thing we reject it when a more believably subdued version of it shown.

      As for the radiation. Maybe he has space-longjons that are radiation-proof, his mentor has an armor-piercing anti-gravity arrow that he controls by Whistling so it’s within the realm of possibility for the tech level.

      Am I the only one who fills in the blanks with plausible assumptions like this when the movie doesn’t put the brakes on and stop to explain every ruttin’ little detail?