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    It’s the movie that Gabe and Sage have been dreading all year long. So… how did it turn out?

    It seems my Spider-Man knowledge is REALLY rusty. Harry turns into the Green Goblin, not Hobgoblin. That’s a separate character altogether. Further, it’s Sinister Six, not Secret Six, which is DC property, not Marvel. Also, I meant to say Chris Cooper, not Gary Cooper.

    • Ryan Walsh

      Harry is the Green Goblin, Roderick Kingsley is the Hobgoblin XD, besides, Harry became that in the comics that you also saw in Spider-Man 3 lol

      • BennettTheSage

        The big deal was that he delivered his lines like a simpering, creaky creep and we loved him for it. The “romance”, while believable, was tedious to sit through and the casting was all over the place in terms of misfires. If you don’t agree with that assessment, then oh well.

        • Ryan Walsh

          I never really felt it was tedious honestly, then again, considering my own problem with a different subject like the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and that gets me furious more, all that you didn’t like with this film honestly didn’t bother me. Cause I’ve seen worse than what you saw so I guess that’s just how we see the film differently. Then again, you probably might get what I’m talking about where you see Peter in the Ultimate cartoon that I mention is more Peter Griffin than Peter Parker.

    • Harry Osborne is the “New” Green Goblin according to the original comic storyline. He is also Green Goblin in the movie, not Hob Goblin.

    • Alexa

      You pretty much nailed the problem with the new Peter Parker, the makers trying to make him cool, and failing miserably in their endeavors. No offense to Andrew Garfield but his Spiderman is just the epitome of douchey-ness. He’s not endearing, he’s not interesting, he’s just annoying, and sincerely way more emo than SpiderMan 3 SpiderMan ( and at least there Peter had a the excuse of being infected by an alien symbiote). Plus the emotional moments were so fucking forced in the first film, that it was hard to sit through.

      And at the least the emotional moments that came about in the previous films felt well earned and well timed, this being possible by the fact that Sam Raimi is a way more talented director than Marc Webb. And this is coming from someone whose not really a fan of Spiderman, but I still love superhero movies and I hate it when filmmakers think making things darker equals better.

    • tython

      Yeah pretty much my thoughts in the film in a nut shell.

      Also on the subject of Gwen Stacy, she was supposed to be the original True love interest for Spider man and MJ was meant to shake thing up by creating a love triangle and showing what a great woamn Gwen is, but it seems that Stan Lee had problems when it came to writing Gwen’s character. He had problems making her more interesting then MJ and as a suitable love interest to Peter which created other interesting problems down the line.

      As for Killing Gwen in comics from the Wiki article:

      “The decision to kill Gwen Stacy was made jointly by Gerry Conway, John Romita Sr., and editor Roy Thomas. They killed Gwen because they did not know what to do with her anymore. Gwen and Peter had grown so close that they were bound to get married, but nobody at Marvel wanted a married Spider-Man: it would have drastically aged him and would have made plotting difficult. At the time, he was still a college student in his late teens. Furthermore, a breakup would have appeared unrealistic.[9]

      In the comic book collection The 100 Greatest Marvels of All Time: #9-6 (Amazing Spider-Man #121 was the #6 comic), Conway explained that Gwen and Peter were a “perfect couple”, but taking that relationship to the next level (i.e. marriage or at least Peter revealing his secret identity to her) would “betray everything that Spider-Man was about”, i.e. personal tragedy and anguish as root of Peter’s life as Spider-Man. Killing Gwen Stacy was a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: breaking up the “unfitting” relationship and reinforcing the element of personal tragedy which was, in his opinion, the essence of Spider-Man.”

      Which is again Ironic when you consider that he did get married to MJ with all the foreseen consequences and Spider Man was still popular and such. So yeah it would have been more interesting had they kept her alive.

      • Ryan Walsh

        And then Joe Quesada removed that with One More Day with the most forced and laziest execution possible because he thinks Spider-Man should NEVER be married cause that’s what a HACK THINKS! But I’m sure you already knew that =p lol.

        But I get ya about Gwen’s Death, when learning about that and reading the story MONTHS before the movie came out, it didn’t feel that big of an impact on me. But it just goes to show that even with iconic moments like Gwen’s Death in the comics, its all because the creators wanna make the iconic hero suffer out of laziness. And feel free to disagree with me on this, I do agree its flawed, but I seriously didn’t really have a problem with the film. At least it wasn’t a jumbled mess like Spider-Man 3 that resulted in pushing 2 films into one due to executive meddling.

    • Turbo Puns

      Sinister Six Ben, it’s Sinister Six, or occasionally Insidious Six IF you go by the 90’s animated series. But yeah, you got that wrong too man.

    • Felipe Aguena

      This movie is shit, sooooo shit, the script just fails amazingly, it just doesn’t work, at all, the villains are insanelly shallow and uninteresting, I mean, Electro didn’t even have motivations or goals AT ALL he was just some guy, he doesn’t want to take over the city, he doesn’t want revenge on people, NOTHING! all he wants is like, a hug! wooho! there is no reason for that guy to be in that movie, the only reason he was there was literally to have Spiderman fight someone