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    Its part two of the lunatic brigade in Mad Bull 34. My only piece of helpful advice? Remember to breathe.

    • I probably would have gone with Gabriela if anyone had ever played Blood 2: the Chosen.. And she had a Cajun accent.

      I’d love to know how the ending was supposed to stay within a Comedic vein considering how the rest of the series was obviously made to be “like” a Japanese Comedy.

    • Ben

      Mad Bull looks so much like Haggar from final fight.

      • josh martyn

        Mad Bull for mayor!

    • what a strangely weird and yet somewhat fascinating anime!

    • arghlblargghl

      Wait, so the guy’s a former cop named Murphy who now goes about making mischief in a cutting-edge power-suit, and you didn’t make a single Robocop reference?

    • Sonyuser98

      4:00 Hey, cool it’s Gabe