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    Anime Abandon: Ninja Scroll

     Aug 23 2012 | more 

    In a slight deviation from the usual, Sage takes a look at an anime classic, and learns why Jubei Kibagami is a hard-ass.

    • I may not own it, but that hasn’t stopped me from watching it at least 10 times. A bare-minimum requirement. 😉

    • Skolex

      Aw come on, you’ve got fangirls 🙂 They may just be a little less…blatant as others.

    • coolrock92

      its kinda crazy how the voice of kenshin plays the gay villian XD

    • mnerp

      … why was there a snake in there?

    • Rexyn

      Honestly doesn’t intrest me.

    • anonymous9692011

      i would like to mention that what goes up, doesn’t necessary comes back down 🙂

      if you through something up with enough force to escape the planet’s gravity, it will not come back down.

    • Ninja Scroll is an all time Anime Classic, if you don’t like it…YOU HAVE NO SOUL

    • Why are all of these comments almost brand new? Did he recently re-upload them all or something?

      • kevin davis

        i love this still

      • kevin davis

        yes they were brought back

    • Christian

      Wait, isn’t the main character still dying in the end from the poison because he didn’t fuck that chick ? So we can just assume he dies immediately after walking into the sunset, right ?

      • The Pink

        No, he kissed Kagero open mouth… thus counting as fluid contact…thus curing him.

        • Randy Williams


    • apartment906

      Hahaha, it’s great that you have Wham – Careless Whisper playing during the non-sex scene between Jubei and Kagero. Love this anime as well Bennett– one of the classics!

    • The Pink

      I found it interesting that Sage didn’t comment on how when Gama was beating Jubei’s body like a drum… it actually did sound like a legitimate drum beat… almost something “linkin park-esque” on a sample drum machine…. was I the only one who heard it?

    • Randy Williams

      ninja scroll is great! If you wanna see BLOOD N TITS.

    • Arianne Wingard

      Oh, I remember renting this one when I was a teen. I really enjoyed this one.