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    Sage vs. Warcraft

     Jun 11 2016 | more 

    There won’t ever be a good video game movie, will there?

    • Nuno Marques

      Go’el is in fact Thrall, and a sequel is almost guaranteed, as the movie is making a killing everywhere except the US

    • Landusk79

      well Sad me you guy seem to hate it, and yeah I know may not be best movie but well Better what been coming out only thing that barely save us form bad movie year was deadpool (rachet & clank yeah I am fan of it) but I will say this, as a fan, there alot of love here and there Sure Cirtic may not like this movie and may be “LoTR” but… I where chose LoTR or Warcraft to watch

      I pick Warcraft since I more familiar then what races and people in token story that i was forced on

      So sage I fine you not liking it and I can respect that jsut remind me that some time yeah.


      and yeah I know, I not fan boying rage at you guys I just know this movie got lot of ate but I want to say this “get out there and see it for you self give it a chance”

    • Joey Ray

      This movie was a steaming pile of boring it felt like 3 movies crammed into one, the characters were severely underdeveloped the jokes were boring and the green screen was pathetic. Love the review you two.
      PS when is the next toolshed? I miss it :'(

    • Michael Walker

      Alright; few things wrong with all of the lore you two kept saying but that’s fine it’s alot of lore to keep in mind but don’t worry! I’m here to explain things. First: According to both Blizzard and the Director (Duncan Jones) the movies timeline is slightly different then the ingame timeline hence some of the discrepancies between the two mediums a prime example is Llaines death at the Dark Portal at the climax of the movie; while Garrona (The Half-Orc) ingame lore did still kill him, it was not on the battlefield and was instead in the throne room of Stormwind in a assassination. Secondly the spelling is Draenei pronounced Dran-Eye.

      Thirdly, the Dark Portal did not appear in Kalimdor it appeared in the Black Morass which eventually became the Blasted Lands in the Eastern Kingdoms. Fourth; Khadgar is actually very important in the Warcraft universe during Warcraft 1 as he played the same role he did in the film. Fifth; there were no Night Elves in the film…anywhere. Sixth; Technically Sargeras was in the film as he was (atleast according to lore) Possessing Medivh since birth… again, long story.

      I could go on about the amount of lore you got wrong and am more then willing to give a more in depth explanation but this comment is already getting pretty long. Though onto my final point in that the movie as atleast 3 tie-in novels (2 regular with 1 being a graphic novel) that go into more detail and while I believe that’s just lazy it should be known.

      In my opinion; the movie was designed for people who know the lore off the back of their hand (Like myself) so it’s understandable why you both didn’t fully enjoy it. While this movie certainly did have issues in the end I found it to be a enjoyable ride from beginning to end though I will openly admit; it’s not for everyone. Thanks for reading this really long comment and I look forward to more reviews.

      • TerminalSanity

        I thought Medivh wasn’t corrupted until he came of age and he came into the massive arcane powers he inherited from his mother which was more than his mind could take and fell into a comatose state where in his astral consciousness eventually came to dwell in the twisting nether which corrupted him.

        • Michael Walker

          Nope; see years ago his mother fought the Avatar of Sargeras and won however Sargeras implanted a piece of his own soul inside her body and waited for a good opportunity to make his next move which just so happened to be when Medivh was conceived/born.

    • RenenutetNuvo

      Wasn’t it implied that Garrona’s mother was killed at her birth because she had conceived a child with a human, Medivh? He said he had traveled and fell in love with a female and left his “mate”.

    • If this movie had been all about the Orcs it woulda been greeeeat. The parts with the humans were uncomfortable and boring. I do look forward to a sequel though.

    • Tero Peura

      I understand you two not liking the movie, but my neckbeard is rustling over the lore mistakes!