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    Fanime 2015 Q&A

     Jul 7 2015 | more 

    Sage is back to answer all your burning questions… and get himself in trouble.

    • penguintruth

      Sage, The Right Stuf is re-releasing a lot of Gundam stuff, they’ll get to 08th MS Team. You can borrow my copy if you don’t want to wait.

    • Paul Anthony Bernardo

      I came here thinking that that one joke that was removed will be here

    • Nivmarx

      Regarding your answer to the anime based games. There are good ones. Though I guess most of them aren’t based on Anime you watched… or liked.

    • Matt Ramirez

      I’m not gonna lie sage, if you decide to put the smack down on Totally Spies, imma fight you (in spirited debate).

    • lt_amazil

      There is no doubt in my mind that the one Not-quite-anime that will be reviewed will have to be “Code: Lyoko” It has to be that! It falls under the genre so perfectly, and deserves a proper review.

      • Dark Claw

        What about Cybersix? It was made by TMS Entertainment and it´s based on an argentinian comic-book, plus Discotek just released it like a year ago.I think it counts as a “Not-Quite Anime”, right?.