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    March 2016 Update

     Mar 1 2016 | more 

    Some updates from The Sage on why Mid-Season breaks are happening.

    • Cameron Ward

      bummer about your bad back man, no need to reall apologize! personal health comes first!

      Hope you rest up well and can’t wait to see what you will be tackling in the future. Hopefully its some like Battle Skipper, Cyber City Oedo 808, or Garaga.

    • penguintruth

      I guess I’ll go back and watch the old episodes again, as I often do. Rest up, do what you have to for your back. I’m looking forward to whatever you’re up to next.

    • Fiery Little One

      Suggestion? As someone with Spina Bifida, I kind of have an idea what you’re going through with your back problems. (For me it’s long car rides.) Maybe a laptop, at least for writing purposes since I know most laptops can’t handle video editing, would be something to think about. That way you don’t have to sit to work.

      Just a thought.

    • Kylo Ronin

      Take all the time off ya need, man.

    • JillyBean

      Have a good break Sage, look forward to seeing you when you’re back.

    • MiscellaneousSoup

      Best wishes!

    • digitalwarriors

      Personally didn’t need an explanation myself. This is a job job and while I’m sure you love doing it everybody needs some time time off to just enjoy themselves or feel better. Whatever you do hope you have fun.

    • Do what you need for your health. If you’ve found a way to help treat your pain, or at least keep it from getting worse, more power to you. Hope the cold goes away before you need to do filming.

      Good luck and safe journey when you travel later this month.

    • Razor Jack

      Considering I just found out about you and your videos one day after you post this, it’s kind of a bummer I have to wait a month for any new content. That’s okay though, because a person’s health should always come first. You do what you need to do, man. I’ll be watching your back catalog in the meantime.

    • Mattaphysics

      Will we still be getting SAGE VS.? Because I was really looking forward to a “London Has Fallen” review.

    • Issun86

      Will this be a total break or will there still be episodes of Toolshed and or Nuts and Bolts stuff?