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    Hey there kids,

    your friendly community Engineer here to give you the greatest gift of all, a post from yours truly. I’m not planning on making these on the regular, if only because usually, we cover this sort of thing on ToolShed. But I thought, as a nice thing to do, a look towards what’s coming up would be a nice gift from me to you.

    In current news, the Top 20 Giant Robots episode has come and as expected, there’s a lot of commentary from the audience (see, FIGHT). For transparency, there won’t be a Nuts & Bolts for this episode because although it’s long and a lot of work went into it, Bennett feels (and he’s right) that not much more than “we chose Robot X for this reason” and “5 second anecdote” could really be said about it. We’ll let the hardcore Mechotaku duke it out and move on from there.

    Next, yes, it’s finally happening: Violence Jack. December 21, 2013 we’ll put this to bed and never speak of it again. Prepare yourselves. I had to fly out to California to help Bennett with this episode, had a great time and with all the spare seconds we had, we recorded lots of extra things for you to enjoy. Throughout December, here’s what you can expect:


    Dec. 16 – Super ToolShed
    Dec. 18 – Nuts & Bolts: Angel Cop
    Dec. 21 – Violence Jack
    Dec. 23 – ??????
    Dec. 25 – Nuts & Bolts: Anime Abandon
    Dec. 27 – Nuts & Bolts: Violence Jack (Part 1)

    That’s it from me, although you’ll hear me say this in the upcoming ToolShed, I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday.

    [the Engineer]