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    Sage vs. Brick Mansions

     Apr 27 2014 | more 

    A remake of a ten-year-old, French action movie starring Paul Walker? Yeah, it’s about as good as you expect.

    • Rip Van

      You could always take the car chase as a stealth insult. “Oh, they’re getting away in the Boss’ Ford Mustang! Quick, we need a car to catch them!…Eh, 30 year old Chevy should do it. No, the Lambo would be overkill, let’s just take the Ford LTD.”

    • Nivmarx

      I heard they wanna shoot the rest of Fast & Furious 7 with Paul Walker’s brother.

    • Gallowz

      By the sound of this movie it is just an American remake of District B13.

    • Mephzibah

      The characters name in B13 was Lieto and the actor is David Belle i believe..

    • Mephzibah

      Now i just want to see district b13 again… thanks..