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    Nuts & Bolts: Elfen Lied

     Sep 21 2016 | more 

    So… what did happen to Elfen Lied: The Abridged Series?

    • Cameron Ward

      Yeah while at first glance, it is easy to be like “Bennett you hypocritical sack of crap, you review crap like Elfen Lied, but not Violence Jack?!” but then you think back about the two and its like “yeah…..still really can’t talk much about the show or show much of Jack…”

      I still didn’t care for that episode, but after seeing it for myself, you have every right in terms of not showing off Violence Jack unless you plan on doing something special with it.

    • Fiery Little One

      I am still amazed you didn’t report turning black and blue after that cue stick hit.

    • Neon

      Maybe (and it’s a big ‘maybe’) if you did Anime Abandon DVD’s, you could put the Elfen Lied Abridged on them as special features. It would definitely sell.

    • Joey Ray

      When is the next super toolshed?