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    Nuts & Bolts: Gall Force

     Sep 21 2015 | more 

    A personal favorite of Marc and Sage’s, our next Nuts & Bolts is on the 80’s smorgasbord Gall Force.

    • I do get a huge kick out of this review, I think a large part to the Alien references since hey, I got those XD.

      Did also really love the animated scene, I think it worked really damn well.

      Thanks for doing these, guys.

    • hariman

      I figure that One Piece will end by 2025, at the earliest. Maybe 2030.

      I suggest saving One Piece for your final review, instead of Violence Jack. 😉

      • sumguy0110

        You know, that’s probably going to be true.

      • Jegsimmons

        if one piece last for another 15 years, i’ll be happy.

        Unlike Naruto, that manga/anime is too damn good to end.

        • hariman

          I don’t mind when an anime comes to a natural conclusion. It’s when an anime ends halfway through a storyline with no closure, only a cliffhanger or a gainax ending that gets me.

          I’m also glad that Naruto is running out of material, if not already done. It lost its appeal when Shippuuden basically spit on all the prior themes of Naruto, and added the whole “Naruto is destined to be the hero” garbage.

          • Jegsimmons

            agreed. the fun of one piece is that there is an end goal and destiny bit, but its 99% “what crazy shit are the straw hats going to come across today?”

            its very in the day of. and the characters are just too damn good.

            Naruto isnt even the star of his own fucking series and they started that homoerotic shit with sasuke who sucks. and it cops out like fairy tail.
            Unlike fairy tail, its not full of good characters or decent fan service. Also im 90% sure the cop outs are part of a joke in fairy tail.

    • ChefM80

      I would love for you to do a review of Sorcerer Hunters or Bastard. Two sword and sorcery anime that are hilarious especially Bastard. Both of these were Dubbed but I’m not sure what your cut off date is. Both came to america in the late 90s.

      • Lina Jones

        Oh, man, Sorcerer’s Hunters! That would be a great Suave episdoe.

    • Will Bertazzo Lambert

      The nuts and bolts episodes they’ve done this month have both been about videos where Bennet briefly talks about gundam. Makes me hope we’ll get a gundam month soon.

    • Lina Jones

      The Suave bit at 14:00 was goddamned hilarious.