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    Gavin joins our intrepid heroes on what is the most dreaded release of 2014. The news… ain’t good.

    • Could you video the next Jesus wrestling? Also you forgot the Human Centipede Saturday morning cartoon show. That was my favourite.

    • Jonathan McGown

      Where can I got an oldtaku shirt?

    • i think on this one the review may be in the placeholder image… Sages Verdict FUCK THIS SHIT!

    • Morhek

      Would you recommend this to Tyler Perry apologists? You don’t hate them enough?

    • Alexa

      I will admit the original movies and tv show were not high levels of art, but at least the turtles there weren’t butt ugly and didn’t look like the goombas for the Mario Bros. Movie. Also the plot was cutting and pasting from the script of Amazing Spider Man which is what sounds like they did…