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    Sage vs. The Raid 2

     Apr 13 2014 | more 

    Unless you are wearing an iron plated cup, you are not prepared for this movie. It will beat you down and make you beg for more.

    • Anthony Harrison

      You win.

    • Corey Mcintyre

      I hope Gavin is here to stay! he knows what he is talking about and he is interesting to listen to! thumbs up from here!
      Ps love the goatee Sage!

    • Raj

      Huh, thought someone would have mentioned it already… Anyway, since you weren’t sure, the martial art used by the main character in The Raid movies is called Silat; a martial art native to Malaysia which is taught to all soldiers and police officers in the country, kind of the same way that the martial art Krav Maga is taught to all soldiers in Israel. In The Raid (and I presume The Raid 2, though I haven’t seen it yet) the main character is a police officer, so his skill with Silat was just gained as part of his standard police training.

      • Raj

        For some reason I can’t edit my posts… I said Malasya, I meant to say Indonesia, where The Raid movies take place. though the martial art is also used in Malaysia and a couple other nations in the South China Sea

    • Rigoberto R Escobar

      The fighting style is called Penjak Silat