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    No, this is not a triple threat… but it does reek of a botch. SPOILERS!

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    Bill Rogers stops by to join the boys in talking shop on Bubblegum Crisis.

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    Sage vs. Allegiant

     Mar 19 2016 | Comments  2 

    The sequel to the worst movie of 2014. There’s no place to go but up.

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    This month’s Nuts & Bolts starts with Ayane’s High Kick. Find out why this is one of Sage’s favorite episodes, and why The Engineer hates it.

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    SPOILERS: it’s freaking awesome.

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    While we take the month of March off to circle the wagons and prepare the next episodes of Anime Abandon, we’re happy to give our small and humble stage to Lachlan Huddy.

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    Sage vs. Zootopia

     Mar 5 2016 | Comments  2 

    Sure to be Eddie Redmayne’s favorite movie since Cat’s Don’t Dance.

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