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    Sage vs. The Expendables 3

     Aug 16 2014 | more 

    Shocker of shocks… the movie isn’t terrible! And we also give our final farewell to Robin Williams.

    • Jegsimmons

      syntax, c4, c5, ect can not be set off with kinetic energy.

      plastic explosives are set off by electricity only.

      you can sledgehammer most plastic explosives on a rock but unless any spark of electricity hits it it wont go off.

    • WakeFox

      The way you talked about robbin williams, besides the stuff from your youth, reminded me of jewarios suicide.

    • Turbo Puns

      Actually Sage ‘The Giver’ was a book that came out in 1993 and is actually about a 12 year old boy coming of age in a “Utopian” society. The movie changes significant instances in the book, such as the characters age and even his relationships with other characters, possibly to draw in the teen crowd, but your comments made it seem like you were suggesting the Giver, the book itself, was written to appease the Twilight Crowd which, is kind of obviously not true.

    • NeroAngelo

      I read The Giver as a school book . . . it’s not bad
      like, it’s a pretty cool take on a utopia