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    Nearly three months without an episode, the boys of the Shed gear up and whip out the purple stuff for some serious pre-spring cleaning. They talk about “The Lost Quarter”, Street Fighter, throw in some of the usual general life chat and tie it up with some electric weasels.

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    March 2016 Update

     Mar 1 2016 | Comments  11 

    Some updates from The Sage on why Mid-Season breaks are happening.

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    It’s exactly what you think it is. And that’s a good thing.

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    Sage vs. Gods of Egypt

     Feb 27 2016 | Comments  5 

    Probably the most insulting movie that Gabe has seen in theaters. Sage didn’t like it much either.

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    Raunchy, funny, but flawed.

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    Sage vs. Risen

     Feb 20 2016 | Comments  7 

    The first Jesus movie of Sage and Gabe’s vlogging career. It’s certainly no Noah.

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    Did the titlist get paid by the letter?

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