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    Ahh, you getting that? That new Daily Show host smell? The boys chat Trevor Noah, their growing up with Comedy Central’s late night lineups, new-new retro TV, and the usual smattering of “what the hell is wrong with people?”

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    We finish off our month of commentaries by talking about Video Girl Ai, and how the ending came to be.

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    A personal favorite of Marc and Sage’s, our next Nuts & Bolts is on the 80’s smorgasbord Gall Force.

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    In the wake of the end of yet another Era, the boys from the Shed wax poetic about Blip.TV and go about catching up in the lull of the September break.

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    Your month of N&B’s begins with a look back on the very first Anime Abandon, Psychic Wars.

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    Not even Captain Harlock can save this from being unwatchable.

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    Notice of Delay

     Aug 24 2015 | Comments  8 

    Due to the migration of our new video host, I have been unable to work on the Anime Abandon episode due for release on the 28th. The episode will be delayed until the 30th. Please pardon the interruption of our usual service.

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