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    Sage Reviews: Resident Evil 6

     Oct 7 2012 | more 

    Sage goes off-script and on camera to come as close as he’s ever been to calling betrayal.

    • mark

      My bother just got it i am going to try it out after he is done with it. I want to see what they have done to resident evil thanks for the video….I wish they would bring back nemesis that would make this gamer happy

    • D A

      “The coffin is six feet under and Capcom is pissing on the grave”

      Completely apt metaphor there. Resident Evil-another victim of the Call of Duty audience.

      • ANNONNY

        Yup, it’s like RE6 is trying to prove only 1 thing:

        The games CAN be even worse then the movies..

    • Josh

      Sage, you did a good game review in front of the camera!

      Also, you almost seemed misty-eyed at the beginning. Were you that sad about RE6?

    • I know this is going to net me a lot of flak, but… I really like the game. I’ll agree, it’s a step backward from 5 in some ways – mainly the inventory interface – but the gameplay aspects are all a lot of fun for me. If they could find a happy medium between 5 and 6, I think they would really have something.

    • SLickNick

      ah to each there own I loved RE6, only 2 and 4 and the outbreak spinoff in my eyes are the masterpices of the series its not as good as those 3 but Id give it a solid 7 out of 10.

    • Brennus

      Yeah I had a feeling Resident Evil would go in this direction.

    • Brennus

      If you ever had the misfortune of having played raccoon city you could clearly see that that was direction the series of going. I will say this at least 6 is not raccoon city so while it is better, that is not saying much. At least it is not five missions before you come to the most stupid ending to an RE game I have ever seen.

    • Brennus

      Honestly you should review raccoon city sage, that is the real piece of shit nail in the coffin of the RE series and stands as the worst RE game to date.

    • TJP

      Aren’t the “zombies with machine guns” supposed to be Las Plagas, which isn’t related to the zombie -virus at all, just like the enemies in RE4 and RE5 who did use machine guns, molotov cocktails etc. A LOT (RE4 only later in the game, but all of them in RE5 fired AK-74’s, threw grenades etc.)? The Plagas -enemies are more intelligent, talk and work together, they have that parasite -thing living in their head. A source of real dread in RE4; it was horrifying escaping the crazy villagers with pitchforks into a house, blocking the doors with bookshelves and hearing a window break upstairs… “Oh crap, now I’m locked inside with them”. The parasites are controlling them and they’re not the person who’s body they’re in, so that’s why they don’t care as much if they waste their host bodies by aggressively going out in the open, they can just leave after dying and take a new victim.

    • I was worried about this going in, I found it to be meh at worst, so I splurged and got the archives so even if the game was bad I still had 4, code veronica, gold centent for 5, and the movie if the game itself crapped a hole through the bed

    • Fungus Cannibal

      Dude THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR POINTING OUT ABOUT THE ZOMBIES WITH MACHINE GUNS!!!! Man I have been telling everyone that zombies with machine guns do not feel right at all, its bad sci fi comedy at best and your right the script is just shit I mean did they grab a dart and throw it at ideas on the wall?

    • Grendle1853

      I have to say I really disagree with you on this one. I’ve been playing the game on the 360, solo and offline, and I’ve been having fun with it. I don’t get messages about the game looking for people, my partner doesn’t require my attention (in that respect I find it better than 5), and I pretty much just go forward and fight the monsters for the most part as if it was a solo game. So far I’ve only played the Leon campaign, and there the game has had a good atmosphere, visuals, and fun gameplay. Yeah my teammate can pick me up, but a lot of the times I just die shortly after because of lack of healing stuff or overabundance of enemies (been playing it on normal). Maybe you can just sit back and do nothing if you take control of your partner and send them running head long into danger, but I haven’t done that and just let the computer handle her while I’ve played the game. About the zombies with fire arms, you are either talking about the armed cops who have them and sort of shoot them at random, or the Los Plagaus zombies who have always used weapons. It might just be difference of opinion but I found it to be the best entry in the series since 4, but then again I’ve only liked 2, 4, and now 6. I truly disliked 5 for its inept solo play and I hated Code Veronica because I thought the controls were crap and no longer excusable, and the story wasn’t that good either. Nemesis I just thought was a lesser quality RE2, though I did like Jill and was disappointed not to see her as a playable character in 6.

    • Have yet to play the game but i honestly can’t remember the last time a game’s reception was this polorizing. Will play it eventually. RE 4 is one of my favorite games of all time and 5 had fun co-op

    • Fungus Cannibal

      OMFG Leons end is so damn corny and cliche, I felt like I was watching a 1960s television show where laws and real like responses are thrown out the window! CHris does look like Mass Effect and Gears, plus ya zombies with machine guns is fookin dumb.

      I went ahead and rented this game and I will not front, if you like this game then your alot more forgiving than most I mean alot of design flaws are noticable right off the bat and after an hour this game is just boring and very cliche, I did not feel like I got any new experience or intrest in the story out of this, and being a person that actually really like RE lore I have to say this is dog shit you pretty much spit on your own continuity……How are you people liking this game? For real I am no epic pro, but I am no scrub so I am not losing or die often, oh and where is the challenge other than bull shit outa the partner and enemy placement which is arranged just to either
      A-Add more total game time.
      B-take cheap shots from a corner as multiple other things occur. (This can be done right so do not get me wrong in that regard)
      C-They were not confident in their AI unless they made them do this.

      Sorry to troll I had to put this up after renting it.

    • I wonder:
      what would happen when this game would not wear the name Resident Evil but a completely different name, then there would be no complain by most in the reviews/by gamers and the game would not get so much negativity than it deserves.
      Because the fact is this is not bad game.

      And yes it is not a Survival horror (thick letters) anymore but an action game with horror elements.

      I understand the fans at all that they want to go back to the old re recipe.
      And the problem with Capcom is that they are trying to please everyone and not only the fans so thats why they are of track.
      Or you gone make a horror game or a action game.
      And the focus here is indeed to much on action and QTE instead of the survival what the strongest point was in Resident Evil franchise till Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.
      But that does not mean that this is a crappy game whose not a penny is worth it to buy.

      GameSpot gave the game a 4.5 out of 10 even movie licensed games are better than this game what I cannot with my sanity if you compare the scores goes.
      (Iron Man 2 especially) this game is worth at least a normal 8 great.
      (personal opinion)

      And the storyline of Leon gave me a little the Resident Evil feeling back and there were some good moments of terror let alone the Cemetery lvl.

      But again if this game would not wear the name Resident Evil it was getting so much more positive received by everyone.

    • i dont get the hate for this game most of the issues i hear either havent happaned to me yet (the AI for the most part is solid) or are nitpicks or at worst are hypocritical (i liked RE5 but this one sucks cause zombies have guns even though they arent zombies and RE5 had enemies useing guns too yup my argument totally makes sense)

    • Lightningbarer

      Yeah…for the whole franchise, it’s pretty much summed up with your demeanour, Bennett. I felt very apprehensive about the game from day one-this is continued from from playing Resi5 for 5 mins and quitting with the buggy AI-I just want the brand name to either die or be reinvented, restart the Resident Evil Franchise with the original story, updated graphics and interactive play-as in, if you’re Jill and fighting the snake, it breaks out of the loft and is then interactive on the Chris storyline-I don’t care for the Quick Time Events, but it’s small potatoes when compared to the overall loss of story and substance. But we’re stuck with it, with a rough four and a half million shipped worldwide, Capcom isn’t going to think it a slim day with the series is it.

    • Hey look, springboard stops now. That’s an excellent feature. Wish blip still had it. I hate that new player.

    • um… sage… the cathedral section, you can kill all the zombies… just saying

      • hold RB and hit X… boom tablets

        • oh wait, you play on ps3, Right Trigger? you can equip tablets to your case from outside the menu

          • In Chris’s and Jake’s Campaign you are fighting, J’avo, NOT ZOMBIES, only Leon’s Campaign has zombies…

            these creatures are like Krauser, or Saddler, they are infected, but intellegent….

            not zombies… just saying

            • talking to yourself?????

            • kanei

              its called commenting as you watch

            • So why not just leave new comments? Whats the point of constantly responding to your self? Its just a little odd is all… Of course you can do whatever you want, but i thought i would just let you know how weird it was and just try to help you out in the long run you know. Your welcome by the way.

            • kanei

              so instead of having all my thoughts in one thread? I just leave comments all over the place….?

              how about you comment the way you wish, and Ill do the same

              fairwell strange one

    • soap741

      okay need i say more these lies game makers are telling have got to stop. first Halo four comes out when Halo three was the last one. i will excuse that though because i am a fan of halo but resident evil youve made enough games now STOP

    • Dude you should really, REALLY go off script a lot more often! Really! Its awesome!

    • Oh my god, all these comments! On this website? Oh my god! Its a new world record!!!!!! 😀

    • DeepthroatGhoul

      This game is not as hated as you think. Hell, all the controversy and shit just gets RE6 a 70% on average from user votes.

      I’ve played the game, and even though there a couple of flaws, I still enjoyed it. Besides, Leon and Ada’s campaigns are the closest to that Resident Evil atmosphere you can get.

      It’s OK to love a game despite its flaws. There are plenty of games I love that have major problems to them (such as Final Fight Streetwise). Hell a lot of games people love have problems to them. For example, Starcraft was loaded with dozens of glitches that caused the game to freeze (try having an SCV repair a unit that’s going into a dropship). Also, Soul Calibur 4 doesn’t count sword slashes that go through heads as a hit.

      Part of being a gamer is realizing that you can enjoy games based on their merits alone and that just because a game didn’t live up to the hype doesn’t mean that it’s not fun.

      Just saying.

    • StCerberusEngel

      I played the demo for this and knew immediately that I would never play the full game. I’m playing as Leon, a veteran character in the series, who’s experiences would lead him to making smart decisions regarding these kind of events. There are bodies lining the floor of a building. There are some directly in the path I have to walk down. So I pull my gun out and put a bullet in the heads of every corpse in my way, right? NO. That’s not how the game wants me to play. It wants to FORCE me to walk up to the fucking enemy, let it grab me, and then do some stupid quick time event to get out of it.

      To quote Spoony here: “Well excuse me for being fucking intelligent!”

    • Will Schutte III

      lol spoony.. BETRAYYYYAL!!!!!

    • Will Schutte III

      on re5 you couldn’t really have a good partner single player because the partner has an ai of a toothpick