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    Sage vs. Fifty Shades of Black

     Jan 30 2016 | more 

    What. Did. You. Expect?

    • Cameron Ward

      that face is perfect lol. And yeah, what was ANYONE expecting with a Marlon Wayans film? He needs to stop writing his own stuff. He is basically the brother from another mother of Adam Sandler

    • Neon

      I can relate to Sage on this one; We’re both trolls. Evil, sadistic trolls.

    • Issun86

      I know that being awful to Gabe is kind of a running gag for you guys but damn. Sometimes I really feel bad for him. Still thank you for warning me about how awful this flick is.

    • Joshua Dailey

      well at least Bennett hasn’t tricked Gabe into watching one man one jar after forcing him to watch two girls one cup.