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    Sage Reviews: Sleeping Dogs

     Aug 26 2012 | one 
    • Ultris07

      I truly love Sleeping Dogs, and I would have loved to see a remake. As this game is a phenomenal work of art, sure it can use some updating, But personally I think the voice acting makes the game feel like you are actually in Hong Kong. Some of the music is actually really good and I even have one song stuck in my head which is labeled “The Hard Way” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY51BBoGT9M ,and I personally found this song to be amazing for chase/race sequences. I did find issue with driving vehicles as you seem to have vehicles that should have good turning, turn like a trainwreck, Especially when it comes to motorcycles, which feel like they have no friction what so ever. I also feel that this game could benefit from a bigger environment, say maybe the areas of the map that are inaccessible? I also like the lack of weapons in the game, sure it can get really repetitive sometimes, but at least it’s not like GTA where you can have like 3 different assault rifles. As for gunplay I like it very much because there is really no learning curve making it easy to get right down to the nitty-gritty stuff. However I do feel that the game has more potential than it throws at the player.