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    Video games are what started his video making career, so see the ten games that Sage considers his favorite.

    • Jamvaan

      Fantastic list. Glad to see some of these games, one or two in particular, make it on another persons list.

    • Bexarath

      Like that you chose ME2 over the train wreck that was ME3. ME2 had all the best characters and storylines.

      I’m also a fan of Indigo Prophecy, or Fahrenheit in my case, despite the story going completely bonkers in the third act.

      Never heard of your #4, but might have to check it out.
      Overall nice list!

    • i liked MGS3 better then 1

    • Alabzam

      Great list with some very interesting choices.

    • Josh

      Symphony of the Night had some damn good music in it!

    • Fungus Cannibal

      Chrono Cross was bitter sweat for me, but there was no way they could re
      hire the chrono trigger team, I mean it was a dream (Akira toriyama for
      gods sake)
      Man Edge in FF2 seemed too much like he was just thrown in as a 11th hour character choice, rumor has it they did it to up the overall damage out put with the 2 swords ability, if you played the game then you know (and ii wont spoil) there is a huge power jump with the last map area, maybe a little too much without providing atleast better gear (not saying I had issues but I hear many did).
      You know I am almost positive people will argue metal gear solid, but omg what other game is this cinamatic? My 60 year old dad watched me play it cause he liked the story so much and true story a buddy of mine played the psycho mantic fight for like five hours before realising the controller port 2 thing. Oh man theres more than one tear jerker in the series thats for sure, also I love the mech anime easter eggs all throughout the series POLICENAUGHTS!!!!!!

    • Chris

      This list is rather confusing to me. I say because I watched your top 10 PS1 where you ranked Symphony of the Night and Final Fantasy IX above Chrono Cross yet he puts Symphony at #9 Chrono at #2 and Final Fantasy IX is nowhere to be found. I’m not calling you out I’m just want to know the reason why.

      • BennettTheSage

        Those were on a different kind of list. Plus, there was input from the other guy in that video that determined where games wound up on that list. My Top Ten PS1 games list would look quite differently if it were entirely up to me.

    • RustySpider

      You paused during the part in Bioshock where the guy keeps telling you to obey. Was it really that memorable?

    • lol ironicly?i just finished mass effect 2

    • Secret of Mana is simply put the best combination of adventure and RPG I have ever played, surpassing even Magic of Scheherazade as my favorite there from NES (This game is something to be experienced with its time travel in five worlds, adventure, and strange RPG battles that show up between screens, music was really good too). Multi-player. Epic music. The ring system is one of the best systems for inventory/magic selection at the time.

    • Importing data from game to game, as old as Gold Box: ADnD Pools of Radiance on PC. Also dot.hack had that. Suikoden has it slightly, with some small differences as a result of the porting. Among games that I have played these are the ones I remember using the mechanic. Still building the experience up like this made things a lot better, so I can see how it made ME 2 better.

    • Atmosphere. To me, the one game that just delivered on this was Vagrant Story. Great self-contained story, gritty style. Puzzle, RPG, and adventure elements, weaponsmithing to forge armor and weapons. I absolutely loved Vagrant Story, Its almost as good as Secret of Mana and Magic of Scheherazade, but its clunky controls are what makes it about 3 on my list of action-RPGs. But the atmosphere is so dark and the intrigue so thick, its an adventure to find out what is going here, and all the players involved.

    • FFIV. FFVI is superior in every way. That sad, FFIV would make my top ten list instead. Whereas FFVI is this vast game, FFIV is a small one, you can beat it in 20-30 hours. The game system never gets in the way of the story or character growth, and I never really found myself needing to grind too much beyond the beginning (and end) of the game. Unlike say FFVI with the need to grind battles to gain AP to gain spells, spells are added automatically as you level, The story is fantastic, the characters all seem necessary (except for Edge, even FuSoYa seems more important plot wise) The last area is an absolute gauntlet and challenge. The three worlds are different and vibrant, as well as the airship(s). The music is my favorite selection of all the FF games, from Red Wings to Prologue (my favorite rendition of the classic) to battle music (especially the 4 Fiends and Zeromus), overworld music (all 3), tower music, mount ordeals, theme songs (Golbez), extending to even something I usually don’t like in RPGS, town music. FFIV has some of the best in any game such as Baron’s wistful music. But for me the bigger thing is the connection to the characters is stronger. As characters change, they change, whether its Cecil going through the trial of Mount Ordeals or Rydia growing up too fast. Then there is the lack of change, like Tellah. He is old and feeble. He never gains more MP because he has forgotten more spells than you’ll ever know. His stat growth is slow and minimal, because as an old man, his youth is long gone and his prime well behind him. It was refreshing to see a character like this in an RPG. A true mentor.

    • Chrono Cross. Didn’t like the game system, story, characters. Music is some of the best I have ever heard. Chrono Trigger is such a classic, it would be Number 1 in my book. A lot of that has to do with me loving the characters, the story, the graphics (so simple and elegant!), and the music. Some of the greatest music I have ever heard such as Frog’s Theme, The Epoch, Magus’ Theme, Schala’s Theme, it goes on and on.

      • That said, Time’s Scars is one of the best intros of all time.

    • I never played MGS (FPS or third person shooter/stealth is not something I like). But you know what I have played? Zone of Enders. My previous mech combat has been in Mech Warrior, Earthsiege 2, Robotech: Macross. Combat was never as fast, furious, and fun in a mech suit as in Zone of Enders. Fantastic game visually and story wise. Too short, but the experience was very memorable. Armored Core was stilted by comparison. I saw what Mech combat could be, and Armored Core has never been a joy to play for me since.

    • Silent Hill 1 would definately top my list, amazing game, genuinely scary and great story.

    • Ah yes, I also can’t recall a time when I haven’t played video games. Of course your first system was Super Nintendo, Of course mine was the original Atari 2600. Yeah. Video Games!

    • Brennus

      I think the game you are thinking of is Baldur’s Gate Series also another great series from Bioware.

    • The one game I really think should’ve been on here that wasn’t was Final Fantasy 6. I’m not saying any of the choices were wrong or bad by any stretch of the imagination. They are all great games, but 6 for me will always be the penultimate fantasy adventure. It has all the elements that were needed to make it a timeless classic but has been woefully unappreciated and unplayed by a lot of people. The characters all brought unique aspects to the party in both gameplay and story, from the thief with the heart of gold, to the prince who took a mantle of responsibility so his brother wouldn’t have to, to the half-breed that had her life stolen from her for the most part. To say nothing of the absolute best (in my opinion) final boss. It’s no secret I love Batman more than anyone probably should, and the Joker in particular. There’s that air of mystery about him that entices me so much, and Kefka captures that to a tee, and adds godlike power to the equation. I always got the impression that if he wanted to kill everyone, he could. But something at the back of his head wouldn’t let him, like the fact that there were people who resisted him that confounded him to the point he had to know what made them tick. That will always be tied for my number 1, right up there with Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

      • Nick Eatalot Halberg

        I think it’s obvious by my avatar that I fully agree with you 😛 It’s just… It’s one of the few games that has actually made me cry… Multiple times at that, stuff like the opera scene, Celes’ suicide attempt, to when they try to resurrect Rachel only to find out that it can’t be done… Shadows backstory… And all the characters had CHARACTER! All of them were memorable, the gameplay was fantastic, the story in general just phenomenal! And not to forget the music! Which IMO is the best soundtrack for any game EVER!

    • Chrono Cross was great however there were a few things that I would like to see changed if they do ever make another Chrono game and GOD DO I HOPE THEY DO! 1. Change Let people custom make the main character from the face, hair, build clothes, weapon type and element. It makes it easier to get into a game if you don’t despise the main characters appearance. (which was my second biggest problem with Chrono Cross, The first being the insanely low hp, stat and damage cap) 2. Raise all the hp, stats and damage caps much higher, I would like to see it go to about Disgaea kind of numbers for the max. 3. More characters, more sidequests, more unique weapons like the Mastermune and add in some Mass Effect style morality choices 4. Add in the romance and friend kind of system that you see in Dragon Age and Mass Effect. 5. Make the game more accessible than Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross were. When you first start up the game and finish making your character then after the initial cutscene or whatever they want to use to intro the player then let them either go to the next part of the story by going where they are supposed to or let them run off and go explore the map and even go power level in areas that were meant for much higher level characters even. Well no one is going to read this anyway because it is too fucking long lol. Though I typed it all out anyway since I had some time to kill and thought I might as well type up what the perfect jrpg would be.

    • SNES at 4 damn now I feel old

    • MGS1 is a good call personally I thought MGS3 had the best atmosphere and characters?

    • JoeJuniorStar

      MGS1 i knew the Sage would have taste similar to the SPoony

    • I actually don’t like Bioshock because I thought the grinding in the game did not fit well with the game linear atmosphere.

      • sigh…

      • rainbowhyphen

        I think if BioShock has a problem it’s that its gameplay and story are pretty frequently at odds. There’s room enough for a little wandering of the theme. I don’t expect the hacking mini-game to have anything to do with objectivist philosophy after all. But when the game mechanics start fighting for attention, it muddies the point a bit.

        Still, it’s well worth pushing past those minor shortcomings as the game is overall a triumph and the narrative is perhaps the best in the history of the medium.

    • Here we go!

    • well atleast one of my favorite games of all time was on your list BIOSHOCK 1! The other games where great to and having been a gamer all my life i have played and beat all of them!

    • rainbowhyphen

      My personal favorite game of all time is Legend of Mana. It’s a unique and distinctly replayable take on the JRPG genre wherein you take on a series of missions offered by different NPCs and collect artifacts which you can place on the world map to rebuild the world.

      Also, the intro song is in Swedish.

      I cannot describe how weird and wonderful this game is. If you haven’t played it, and you have a PS3, PSP, or Vita, I highly recommend you go pick it up on PSN. It’s all of $5.99 and worth at least 5x that.

    • S-267

      Could not agree more on the number 1. Also why are people still considering ME3 to be a train wreck now the buildup being better than the climax is true(even if helped a lot by the extension) though I see to many people try to kill it because of fifteen unadjusted minutes.

    • Jackie

      The opening of Bioshock is one of the best i’ve seen. It’s gorgeous.

      • LordDeath224

        Agreed plus you also get this feeling of dread as you actually enter Rapture.