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    Sage vs. Nightcrawler

     Nov 1 2014 | more 

    Who’d ever thought that Jake Gyllenhaal could be even more awkward than he was in Donnie Darko?

    • Conny boy

      Ill use my one chance at first to say i love you guys and by doing what you love, you bring joy to my life. thank you all

    • NeroAngelo

      speaking as someone who just got back from the theater, I absolutely loved this movie

      I think Lou was the beautiful offspring of Patrick Bateman and Sheldon Cooper

    • Corey Mcintyre

      No offence to Gabe, I love Gabe we share a love for Scarlett Johansson after all! but I feel like he completely misunderstood this movie, saying it lost focus? and it was comedic? I totally didn’t get this, love you Gabe! but you were way off here, in my opinion.