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    Sage Tries Jellied Eel

     Sep 15 2012 | more 

    Sage goes to England and tries out some foreign delicacies… including the abomination known as “jellied eel”.

    • marmite sucks, vegimite all the way

    • Thomas McCravy

      Aww, I wanted him to put Marmite on the Jellied Eel……and I was not disappoint.

    • Jellied Eels are possibly the worst thing ever in the history of cuisine. As a Londoner, I do not get why they became my home city’s national dish (apparently the eels were all that dared live in the Thames for a long while, so of course some daft git decided to eat them), and the only time I ever tried them I lived to regret it and they stank out my kitchen. They may have been bad Eels. All in all not the best day, if you think about it.

      Marmite is terrible, but I find it ok on Twiglets, a salty drown twig like snack food that should be on your next British Food Adventure, Sage, they’re better than the raw produce.

    • Runeaddyste

      welcome to my country. 🙂

    • Creach

      You’re doing Kinder Surprise wrong! It’s disgusting when it is warm. Freeze the chocolate and it will be delicious.


      I’ve had more then enough eel, octopus, and squid to know they don’t have THAT much taste, so I’m really wondering how the eel could taste so bad..

      Oh well, interesting I guess.

    • i was disapointed you didnt try the marmite on the spotted dick. you think marmite is bad? you never tried fishermans friend. i would buy you a pack and ship it off to you but im sure US customs would would suspect it as a dodgy package when the smell hits them

    • Bennett, I invite you to Poland and eat some of our weird food!

    • alldreamsfalldown

      The crumpets were toasted, right?

    • alldreamsfalldown

      Unfortunately, this video might re-enforce some stereotypical attitudes towards English food. We don’t put Marmite on everything and nobody should, that shit’s nasty.

    • Just be glad that you did not have to eat Bubble and Squeak. It kind of is like if you gave a fart some substance.

    • tanner martens

      you think the eel was bad, you should try pickled pigs feet.

    • Jiří Šulc

      Kinder Surprise is my childhood 😀

    • This whole thing…Was pretty adorable!