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    Sage vs. John Wick

     Oct 25 2014 | more 

    The most surprisingly good movie of the year. Just watch out if you have a thing for dogs…

    • John Smith

      I’m a fan, so don’t take this the wrong way, but, pleeeease stop drinking fizzy drinks. Every single movie review you’ve posted has one or both of you burping, repeatedly………..that is all

    • JJ

      I for one like the burping…it’s sexy as hell! Also, awesome review. 😛

    • Alexa

      Well Captain America did had a formidable foil in the form of Winter Soldier IMO, as well as Tony Stark in IM3. But yeah, its good to have a character show he is struggling in his endeavors. But again to be fair I let this kind of slide when it comes to superheroes, because well its comics/fantasy and well they’re gonna be hard to take down.

    • Kenab

      I loved this movie and every reviewer i watch seems to like it too

    • Damon Sherman

      It wasn’t til I saw it a second time, but the clipboard on the bulldogs cage said “put down” on the dogs cage. So, i think he saw himself as giving that dog a second chance at life.
      But, I could have read it wrong too.

    • Scott Ginther

      love ur v-logs, can’t wait to see more of these for 2015

    • ._._._._._._._._._.

      If John Wick killed the lady assassin, he would have been in violation of the rules of the Hotel. He wouldn’t have gotten a car in the end for “his trouble”. The writers should have had her attack him again, outside the hotel.