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    Sage vs. Power Rangers

     Mar 24 2017 | more 

    No Bulk and Skull? No Power Rangers.

    • Fiery Little One

      I’m glad to hear all of this, the good and the bad. I was worried they’d just do a big screen
      version of the “fan film” from last year, I think, that I’m sure put the idea in their heads in the first place. I’m
      going tomorrow, as the Power Rangers expert between myself and the
      friend that takes me when I go to the theater.

    • Craig Trautman

      Fish can get tied up in fishing nets I guess? Also, while this is a flawed and not perfect movie, I’m not sure if there’s any better way to make a Power Rangers movie, especially as a film of this time. The tonal rift in the last part of the film is kind of unavoidable since they’re expected to have the Power Ranger elements to be an adaptation but they obviously really tried to make it have more and be humane. All the character build up made it feel earned when they became Rangers at last. I think that a sequel would be better b/c it would go off of the characters and set up that was made here so they can focus on the action stuff more then. I can’t think of a better way to make a Rangers movie or a beginning to a film franchise based on the show, at least not in modern Hollywood right now. (Also, I feel the use of the gogo theme song was meant to be a “you did it you are all now the power rangers that everyone has been expecting you to be and have doubted you’d ever earn that right but now you did so now go be the kick ass fighters we’ve all been waiting for” cue, and if it was used again at the mega zord formation it would have taken away any sense of epic ness by comparing it to the opening of the act rather than the climax from the opening, and would make the song feel like it’s not valued enough to not be used to death)