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    Sage vs. Noah

     Mar 30 2014 | more 

    In which Noah builds a boat to sail around the world and fight wild animals.

    • Jerry Forbe

      Aww, I actually thought it was going to be a fight between Sage and Spoony. haha

    • Michael Ross Grey

      The film appears dumb. But it’s more thoughtful and heartfelt than it looks on the surface.

    • Damon Sherman

      I had to say ”
      They look like big, good, strong hands, don’t they?” when I first saw the Watchers.

    • I too remember back when it was okay to want to shag Hermione. As far as the movie goes, I liked it quite a bit. It really is a biblical epic from the director of The Fountain (to which I counted two references and the shot of Xilbalba exploding used for the creation of the universe) and I liked that the movie went out of its way to explore just how fucked up the concept of the flood is, especially with the scenes of Noah and family on the Ark right after the flood has hit.

      Ray Winstone’s character was one of my favourites and it was interesting that the movie gave him several speeches which actually let you understand his character instead of just being a generic villain, especially the one where he starts asking God as to why he doesn’t talk to him. I definitely liked the dark turn the third act took, and I think this is probably the most interesting exploration of the concept of faith that I’ve ever seen in a movie, with Noah having to hope that his interpretations of his visions are correct regardless of what he’s expected to do.

      My only real gripe is that the third act is dragged out a bit too long although the ending picks up again and when God creates the biggest gay pride display in history it is pretty impressive. Overall I’d say it’s one of Aronofsky’s lesser works, better than Pi but not as good as the rest, which is still high praise.

    • noah siers