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    SAGE VS.


    Sage has his own Sin City moment towards the end, dealing with a junkie’s stash.

    • RobMcCune

      Sage, the Allstate guy is not Tony Todd. Though it would be awesome if Tony Todd was the Allstate guy.

      • BennettTheSage

        You’re right, Tony Todd was in The Rock, not Dennis Haysbert, who is the Allstate Guy, and was Manute in Sin City.

    • Josh

      Came out on April 1, 2005.

    • DrewP

      Kate Hudson

    • DJKennedy90 .

      I remember, when Holy Terror first came out in stores several years ago, I went to my LCS and read it (they were cool, so long as I bought something and didn’t damage it). I remember thinking, by the middle, “I am never going to give Frank Miller the time of day ever again.” The sheer hatred that whole book had, by the end, completely ruined my day.

      Never will bother with the man again. Sorry Robert and them; it’s a Chik-Fil-A situation with him. And I thought the Spirit movie was the lowest that man could go. Goddamn.

    • Eva Green wasn’t using a body double in this film, that really is her.

    • Alexa

      You know I am not a big fan nor defender of Jessica Alba but I heard she was good in The Killer Inside Me. Plus she has a good sense of humor about herself, again not a great actress but I don’t really think she’s horrible.

    • NeroAngelo

      I think later in the franchise they show auto-placers that attach/remove the chord to link you up to the matrix & i think the theory is that he had a prototype