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    Sage vs. The Book of Life

     Oct 18 2014 | more 

    The first split in Sage VS. history! Sage hated it, but Gabe REALLY hated it.

    • John Haslach

      Soooo, this movie is like a Grant Morrison Comic?

    • hariman

      I can’t make it through this. This movie just sounds BAD. I’m off to re-watch another Toolshed!

    • I really think you’re over thinking the bullfighting thing. It seemed to be more about Manoulo going his own path. He wanted to be a singer not a bullfighter. Though maybe Maria was pushing that kind of message and he was leaning more towards that.

    • ._._._._._._._._._.

      I agree with Gabe- Maria was a frustrating character. How is it ’empowered’ to not acknowledge either guys’ feelings for you and not make it clear where you stand with each one? Though I understand it was important to the plot that she not choose one right away, if she had strong feelings for the main character, you think a ‘strong’ female would be able to come up with a different solution to the problem of the village’s safety then “oh, I’ll marry the strong guy”.