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    The year is up and it’s time for Sage and Gabe to look back and count down their best and worst movies of 2014.


      Gone Girl is also really interesting when discussing cinematic villainesses. Gillian Flynn (who wrote both the book and film) said in an interview that “the one thing that really frustrates me is this idea that women are innately good, innately nurturing. In literature, they can be dismissably bad – trampy, vampy, bitchy types – but there’s still a big pushback against the idea that women can be just pragmatically evil, bad and selfish … I don’t write psycho bitches. The psycho bitch is just crazy – she has no motive, and so she’s a dismissible person because of her psycho-bitchiness.”

      This is interesting because one of the main charges against Gone Girl is that of sexism, claiming that Amy Dunn is a paranoid fantasy about evil women destroying men’s lives (this can get interesting when the person claiming it learns that the writer is female). I’ve repeatedly heard it described as an ‘MRA horror story’. While I do have issues with some scenes in Gone Girl (one of Amy’s ex-victims gives the exact defence of a real-life rapist) it seems to me that many writers, particularly male ones, are afraid to write female characters that aren’t either positive role models for the female audience (a major misunderstanding of feminism) or pandering to the male audience. There’s something that scares them about a woman who isn’t heroic or appealing to them.

      The best analysis of Amy Dunn I ever heard was that she is basically like Shylock in The Merchant of Venice. Both are villains who possess traits commonly seen as negative stereotyping and become villains as a result of the structural oppression they experience. After all, “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?” The difference is that Shylock is punished by the play in a re-affirmation of the status quo, while Amy manipulates society’s treatment of her and comes out on top.

      • i am a guys

        The women in gone girl are in charge, successful, and smarter than any man around them, so I feel the whole feminist outcry on it is very illogical and makes no sense

    • Syed Aizat

      If they’re making Godzilla 2…they better damn well have either Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah….or Mecha Godzilla. Come on, you’d think that after 60 years, Majesty would’ve made a countermeasure to the kaijus. (I am keeping my fingers crossed for Jet Jaguar)

      • tasti man LH

        At SDCC ’14, they confirmed that for the sequels they’re bringing in Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah. And considering that Legendary is also making a new King Kong movie it’s making people wonder if we got a grudge match in the works between the two monster kings…

    • My top ten would probably be:
      1) Boyhood
      2) The Lego Movie
      3) Pride (Which you totally need to see)
      4) 12 Years A Slave (UK release dates)
      5) Nightcrawler
      6) Paddington
      7) Blue Ruin
      8) The Grand Budapest Hotel
      9) Snowpiercer
      10) Mr Turner

      Honorable mention to Noah, which I didn’t like enough to put on this list but I’m just happy it exists. I didn’t see many bad movies this year (I barely have enough time to see the ones I want to see), but I would give a special mention to The Imitation Game, which needs to burn in hell for being a shitty, Oscar-baiting telling of Alan Turing’s life, with the biggest cop-out ending I’ve ever seen – Imagine if Grave of the Fireflies ended with the kids playing happily by the riverbank, with nothing but a title card to say ‘Everything went to shit later’.

      • i am a guys

        I disagree completely about the imitation game. Granted, it’s the kind of movie that would get lots of Oscar attention, but it had some funny moments, it was heartfelt, and Benedict cumberbatch was terrific in the role. The ending I didn’t feel was like that, it was sad but it was staying true to his injustice while highlighting how important he was and how relevant he is now. It wasn’t near my top five, but it certainly isn’t a bad movie, it’s solid. And saying it needs to burn in shell is a bit hyperbolic, and unfair since everyone involved did their best to portray Alan. And they did it well in the structure and point of the movie.

      • i am a guys

        Your list is pretty great, though, nice taste and variety

    • slayride

      In spite of all the changes to the Hercules legend, the Hercules Rock movie was so much fun. Hercules does amazingly awesome things with his strength and I loved this movie far more than other fantasy action movies last year (including Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies).

    • slayride

      Got Tammy on redbox. This movie is not funny and was so uncomfortable to watch. Wasted so many good actresses. And was depressing. Perhaps amplified by watching it during Christmas dinner, but would be #1 on my worst film of the year list by quite a bit.

      • Gary Collins

        How is the movie uncomfortable to watch? You sitting funny while watching it or something?

        • slayride

          Its like watching Two Broke Girls, its trying so hard to be funny, but its just painful to watch.

          • Gary Collins

            How is it again painful?

            • slayride

              Sorry robot that you don’t understand this concept called feelings or emotions. Perhaps I will deliver an electrical shock to your circuits to teach you about discomfort and pain. Much like exposing your optical and audio components to drek like Two Broke Girls or Tammy.

            • Gary Collins

              Movies aren’t painful to me. So that emotion never happens. I find it laughable that movies hurt people, you are taking it too seriously and being over the top and sad.

            • hariman

              Some people empathize with some characters more than others. Other people have been through similar situations and do NOT find Hollywood’s attempts at making those situations funny humorous at all.

              Also, the humor might just not be funny to some people in the first place.

              I can’t watch Freaks and Geeks because it hits way too close to home for my school days, and Sheldon makes Big Bang Theory unwatchable for me because I’ve met people who are WORSE than Sheldon.

              So Hollywood making the “stereotypical hapless geek” archetype into a character and never letting the character grow (unlike ALL of the other cast members) is rather stupid and insulting to me.

            • Gary Collins

              You are so funny. Getting insulted and hurt by TV shows and movies? I wish I had time to be insulted by movies like you and whatever. It just seems kind of pathetic that you let it get to you and not brush it off. Maybe I’m just kind of calling you laughable and pathetic. I know that’s very mean of me, but it’s the sad truth of my thoughts on you right now.

            • hariman

              Sometimes, I’m not surprised at responses I get, especially in forums/comment sections.

              There are times I hate having my cynicism confirmed.

    • Gary Collins

      Hey Sage, I guess you can’t totally destroy Violence Jack after all. Going to have to destroy all those DVDs of it that are coming soon. Could re-review it and actually man up this Feb.

    • bitch

      i like cunts

    • grkpektis3

      I hate Wolverine so much, I am glad he was worthless in that movie, just another reason I loved that movie so much, fuck Wolverine.

    • Jegsimmons

      1. HTTYD2

      2. Godzilla
      3. John Wick
      fuck everything else, i couldnt be bothered.

    • Good picks yall!