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    Sage vs. The Jungle Book

     Apr 16 2016 | more 

    If you ever wanted to see Christopher Walken sing “I Wanna Be Like You”, you might just be powerfully insane.

    • Mattaphysics

      Funny thing about that Jason Scott Lee version; it too was also made by Disney. So Disney has now made TWO live action remakes of their animated Jungle Book.
      That means at some point in the far future, Disney will be willing to make TWO live action remakes of all their most beloved animated films. Next stop, 101 Dalmatians, now with all CGI dalmatians. And in 20 years, another Cinderella and Alice In Wonderland.

      Honestly, I’m kind of shocked Disney hasn’t made a live action Robin Hood, but with a human cast.

    • Kilgore

      In regards to Scarlett Johansson as a voice actor, you should check out the Spike Jonze film “Her”. It’s a great film and her performance captivates from beginning to end.

      This is doubly-impressive when you consider that Samantha Morton originally recorded all of the lines and Johansson did hers all in ADR off-set in post.