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    Sage vs. The Revenant

     Jan 9 2016 | more 

    2016 marks the return of Sage vs, and he can barely contain himself!

    NOTE: Alejandro Innaritu didn’t direct Gravity. Alfonso Cuaron did. Apologies for the brain fart.

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    • Jegsimmons

      The Revenant is everything i love in film and is the opposite of star wars 7 which is everything i hate in modern blockbusters.

      Plus this movie was fucking manly as hell and makes me want to go camping.

    • Jegsimmons

      That was tom hardy’s body in the river.

      The last shot was Leo looking at the camera. He lives. Just like the historical Hugh Glass.

    • Issun86

      Sweet. I know you guys are busy with AA and your secret project, but I hope you have time to make Sage VS a regular feature again.