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    Sometimes, you wonder what makes these boys tick. E3, Fourth of July, post-convention chatter and why you shouldn’t make too many food options available at your next gathering. The Shed opens for you, brave listener.

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    • Soft Insanity

      About KFC, it’s not like they’re bringing back Ronald or something like that, who’s a character or a mascot. It’s not like “oh the original actor died, let’s get a new guy”. This was a person who is now being played by an actor. Imagine if they had an actor play Steve Jobs in commercials.

      My KFC buying habits will not change because of it (still at 0) but the commercials are kinda off.

      • Give Apple 30 years, if they still exist, they will undoubtedly pull that shit too.

    • Mathew Collier

      I really want that apron…

    • Mathew Collier

      Hey Marc for all your ranting you could have spent 3 grand on a car that works :3

      • Neerclass

        Hey Mathew. … … … shut up.

        • Mathew Collier

          Respect for being a gear head though…Enjoying the podcast 🙂

        • Jegsimmons

          He just dont get it. Dude needs to watch that teen titans episode where cyborg builds his car.

    • Sol Gill

      I did not know Gabe actually does cross play. Him cross dressing as Mystique did explain why he shaved his face for the Jungle De Ikou review. I’m actually curious on how the Mystique cosplay looks. Or if the water balloons popped?

      I disagree with Neer and Ben in regards to the Star Fox Arwing’s changing forms. That was a call back to Star Fox 2, and honestly it looks fun. That said I agree Nintendo didn’t do so hot this year. The only other games they announced that I am interested in are Fire Emblem Fates, and Mario and Luigi Paper Jam. Even then, the former had been announced sooner.

      I’m disappointed you didn’t do electric weasels involving those guys in the Jungle De Ikou who tried to justify it.

      • DJKennedy90 .

        Personally, I don’t mind the Arwing Walker thing at all. It’s like… I dunno. I guess I’m surprised that a guy like Sage who’s apparently into Macross with it’s Jet/Spacecraft-transformation-into-Mech action to think the idea is stupid so vehemently.

        But what gets me about Star Fox Zero is that it’s apparently the 3rd(?) reimaging of Andross’ Lylat Invasion, after the original and 64(3D). And no, this isn’t because of Krystal’s apparently lack of appearance (sorry furries), but because this is an apparent hitting of the reset button, for better or for worse, while Metroid seems in more need of one, if only to get rid of Other M. At least Star Fox 2 was planned to be a sequel and not a “reimagining”, if my memory serves me right.

        • hariman

          Canon Discontinuity: Just drop Other M from continuity, or declare it in another universe and make Metroid Dread.
          Or, heck. Do remakes of all the old 2d ones for a collection, and change as little as possible.
          But make more Metroid games Nintendo! Please! For the 3DS. Because that’s what I own.

    • Will Bertazzo Lambert

      Are these always so quiet? I like it but it’s hard to hear even at full volume

      • Ultris07

        it must be your setup, I can hear just fine at 20-30% Admittedly that is pretty high just to listen to a podcast.

    • toumari

      strafe looked more like doom than doom 4. why is doom 4 so slow now, i thought doom was supposed to be quake speed and not halo?

    • I need Terry Crews to be the voice of Doom Guy.

    • Ultris07

      What is the “cut off date” that they keep talking about