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    Read Why dating guy gamers turned out to be a bad idea on Nycea’s website.

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    • DJKennedy90 .

      I guess I’m kinda like you in some respects ‘Neer. I just try to keep my head down when gender/social politics come out since I KNOW I’m not well versed in any of those areas. Mom & Dad raised me to be respectful towards others as equally as possible (I, perhaps naievely, believe that treating women as betters to men is just as sexist as not giving women any respect). Hell, that idea of mine might even be a terrible stance to have. I dunno.

      But when I feel guilty about not trying to make more of a cause, I look over at sh*t Tumblr and SJW are doing, like calling JonTron an ableist for saying the word “retarded”, and realize, “I am making a difference after all. I’m not getting involved in dumbass crap like that and making things worse”.

      • Defunct Anti-SJW

        I have to agree with you here, and I have to agree with the engineer about keeping my head down. The difference on my end is that because of all this sjw shit that happens is that I tried to get vocal and be the better man trying to point out why all the sjw stuff was stupid.

        I tried to be rational and calm about the #womenagainstfeminism stuff, my logic was if a group of their target demographic are turning away then its up to the movement as a whole to examine why this was happening and strive to at the very least understand. All this has resulted is my closest female friends shouting me down. This is a war I cannot win, and it seems like a war that I am not even allowed to be a passive spectator for either…and yet I feel like there is a something wrong about just turning my back on this insanity.

        For a while now I felt like I should just give up trying to discuss such matters in a public forum, but Mark, you made a very convincing point as to why I should just keep my head down. It will only get worse before it gets better. Maybe when this generation gets older things will mellow out.

      • JillyBean

        Treating woman as better is pretty sexist. Woman are human, not pieces of meet, and not goddess’s. I can assure you most woman dont want to be on a pedestal just as much as we dont want to be under some ones foot.

    • tasti man LH

      Ho boy oh boy….

      On one hand, in terms of the “bad gamer guys”…yeah, I won’t lie; I’ve been guilty of the stuff described, once upon a time. And I now realize the reason a past relationship went tits up was because of some of the things described. I’ve been doing best my to correct that in the years since. But yeah, I won’t deny that the problems listed are a problem for gamers when it comes to living a life with everything else apart from games.

      As for the SDCC thing…yeah, I’ve been at ground zero myself in terms of the reaction from the cosplay community. From people bringing in the “She was asking for it” to the people calling for the poor photographers’ head. And honestly, at this stage of the game, there’s nothing else that anyone can do in terms of the cosplay community. I doubt anyone is going to drop money to hire a private investigator to look into the matters of a girl they don’t know (unless if the family does something). Best they can do is wish her well and a speedy recovery.

      But yeah, Cosplay is Not Consent is a sticky issue, especially since it’s SO hard to talk about without fucking it up. It’s not long before the issue dovetails into people being sexist (unintentional and otherwise) or how this proves that the Patriarchy is to blame for pinning it on female cosplayers, etc. Which sucks, because it’s an issue that NEEDS to be talked about, but it’s too easy for it to be derailed.

      And at this stage, even if con policies do get pushed forward, you can’t have 100% awareness of what’s happening around you. Dude could be taking an upskirt or ass shot and you never notice until it gets put on the internet. Short of conventions becoming a mini police state with security guards every 5 ft.

    • JillyBean

      When I first got into video games when I was, oh I’d say around 9 or 10, I didnt really expect that I was a girl was going to change my experience vrs say my cousin (a guy) who got me into them. But I remember the gaming community when I was 12 at a game store, gave me my very first epiphany of “Oh, this is sexism”. I was just shopping while my mom was in another store, and proceeded to get harassed by a group of boys my age about my presence in the store and why I was even looking at shooter games when I was a girl.

      Which is weird to me considering girls arent really a minority in the nerd world. There like the rest of the world, we take up about half the population. My theory is the illusion that there arent many girls into gaming, anime, comics or that kind of thing is because you kinda learn to stay quiet because hey it’s just easier. And if you dont say your a girl in a forum or have a girly screen name, every one just assumes you have a penis anyways. It kind of becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

      I do get a weird treatment still. I’ve had several guys talk about me like I’m a gem or rare because I like the same things they do, I’m the sex their attracted to, and I’m not too physically un attractive. Ive had at least 7 guys call me their dream girl simply because I have the same hobbies they do and according to them I’m ‘not really that ugly’.

      I also really get where the girls coming from in feeling like she has to settle. If you grow up with any esteem issues some times it seems like a nice choice to go with the option that you feel you deserve more vs some one who you actually really like and is good for you.

      I eventually learned that I dont really want to date that type of guy anyways, I prefer good hygiene in my men and I dont like being called “m’lady”.

      And oh god. the SDCC thing. My heart breaks, Ive seen the post circling around the cosplay community (I’m west coast so this is pretty close to my region).

      I thankfully didnt see any one of my friends talking about blaming her, since hey were cosplayers and we get it. But I’m certainly not surprised that people are talking about it that way. And the problem is not that the girls dress sexy in cons in cosplay, and people find it sexy. It’s that a few people with messed up mentalities feel that because the girl is dressed sexy that they are entitled to that girl. It is a bit apples to oranges with the blue rag comparison though. You dress sexy, people are probably going to find you attractive, possibly hit on you, ect. If you dress like that con or not, you kinda have to expect that’s going to happen and if you realize you arent ok with that, then dont do it. But no girl should expect to be raped or beaten for wearing something. The rag has a distinct and clear message that cant really be read many other ways. Clothes of any attractive nature arent. Granted, that’s probably not what youre saying Bennit, but that’s the basic of the argument. And sadly a lot of men do hold that up as ‘if she didnt want to be raped she shouldnt have worn a short skirt.’

      And as for the last part about men being criminalized ect. I actually got my own story of anonymous kindness on the road way. I was driving back from my friends house up in the mountains, not much cell reception. And a guy on the side of the road flagged me down. Being cautious I pulled over on the other side of the road, he told me he needed a jump, had the cables already hooked up and his phone wasnt getting service to call triple A. I felt kinda nervous cause young ish girl alone up there, but I took a chance, and in the end he was super happy to get his car started again, thanked me, and I drove off. And you know what if I hadnt helped that guy, it was late at night no other cars were driving up there, the nearest house was miles away, I really helped that guy. When I told my friends about it later I got berated for helping him because he could have raped me, or attacked me, and I was a girl alone and he was a guy. And the sad part is, I shouldnt have felt nervous to help him just because I was a girl and he was a guy and thus was the set up for some sort of attack story, but it’s happened enough times to girls that I do feel nervous. I’m just waiting for the day that the crimes go down, the stigmas start to fade, and I wont feel any qualms about being pulling over to help a guy.

      Oh and one little thing about the ‘bad time to have a penis’. Yeah guys are getting more flack than ever these days, but it’s always been a bad time to have a vagina.

    • Matthew Hickman

      Good points I was wondering What year is Marc’s car?

      • Neerclass

        1991 Firebird base.

    • Magdalen

      Thanks for the plug, gentlemen. I knew my string of bad relationships would come in handy some day.

    • Soft Insanity

      I’m kinda shocked that article has only 4 comments on it. I’m also slightly concerned I was listening to this and thought “oh it’s over already….. man it’s been over an hour”

    • You guys are true gentlemen. I knew there was a reason I kept coming back here.

      I loved Nycea’s article – and it’s refreshing to know that there are people – of both genders – within the “fandom” that will call out that kind of behavior.

      The first con I attended in 2004 was definitely full of people with less than desirable hygiene…It almost turned me off from cons in general. On the flipside, though, now that cons have gone more “mainstream” it seems that unfortunate incidents like the one at SDCC are more likely to occur.

      There used to be a time when a female COULD go to a smaller con dressed as Chocolat Misu (Google her if you don’t know who I’m talking about) and be fine. It was a different time. Sure, there will always be a higher concentration of the sexually frustrated/socially awkward at cons but now that they’ve gotten so big (especially SDCC) you really have to REALLY watch yourself.

      I DO think that both men AND women must be accountable now at cons. It’s just a different culture now. We have this insane social media presence now. If you’re inclined to go dressed in nothing more than a g-string and two band aids then bring some friends with you! Pervs are all around – especially, now, at conventions. It’s just the sad reality.

      • MrWizard0022

        My friends and I have discussed the idea of not allowing anyone under 18 (or 21) to attend a convention multiple times. There would be a number of pros to it, but ultimately they would be outweighed by the cons.

        If conventions were 18+ only, yes, creeping would still happen (it’s inevitable), but at least none of the people it’s happening to would be minors. Also (and I fully admit this is personal opinion) it would be a lot more fun in general if you didn’t have to censor your speech, and didn’t have to stand in line to get your hand stamped for 18-plus panels (or walk from one side of the convention to the other and back because you forgot to get one, after sitting in line for one for a half hour), and the raves would be way more fun if alcohol was an option. These are all minor complaints, to be sure.

        However, most conventions and the vendors at those conventions want them to stay all-ages for the same reason movie studios always want to trim down R-rated movies enough to get that PG-13 rating, because excluding a huge age range like that cuts off a big chunk of your potential audience, and a big chunk of the potential profits from the event.

        Finally, we all have to remember our roots. Most people who are into geeky things as adults are that way now because they got into geeky things as kids. Is it possible to get into that stuff for the first time as an adult? Absolutely. But the fact remains, the vast majority of us got started on the path to geekdom when we were young. If we want geek culture to continue to grow and thrive as it has into the next generation, we need to allow kids to experience it when they’re young, just as we did.

        • Well, in my case, I never attended a convention until I was OVER 18, and that didn’t impact my love of anime whatsoever. I’m just saying, if things keep going as they are I don’t think it would be the end of the world if cons required parental supervision for those who are underage. It’s a different geek culture now after all.

          • MrWizard0022

            Parental supervision for minors would be a good compromise, yes.

    • hariman

      I think the Non-Confrontational Culture is part of the problem. And here’s why:

      1: No, I don’t mean that confrontation should be the first or only option. But it’s necessary at times. Talking works to a point, but sometimes you have to kick a guy out of a con, or boot him from a cosplay fanclub because he’s only causing problems.

      2: In a Non-Confrontational Culture, if someone can convince you that standing up for your beliefs is Confrontational and it’s wrong to be confrontational, you’re stripped of your ability to defend yourself.
      3: If you can’t confront someone who’s attacking your beliefs, you can’t defend yourself.
      Guys who are non starters need a kick in the ass to get moving.

      Con Perverts need booted from cons and put on a “not allowed to attend” list so they CAN’T be con perverts.

      There are plenty more examples than that, but I don’t want to make a wall of text here.

    • rdempstar

      I first heard this podcast the day it came out and I have been thinking about it since then in the back of my mind. This hits far closer to home than I care to admit. This episode came as I was deciding to make some major changes in my life, among them include dropping a large amount of weight (anywhere from 80-95lbs according to bmi charts), exercising more, and taking a much more proactive role in my life.
      I just became an uncle a couple of weeks ago, and I’m going to be my nephew’s Godfather to boot. I don’t want him growing up thinking “That’s my creepy Uncle Rdempstar.”

      In regards to the girl at SDCC, I hate to admit it but Con Perverts are almost an absolute certainty. That said, I do not want anyone thinking I condone that kind of behavior. I don’t have any problem with escorting anyone acting inappropriately to or around cosplayers out of the con. Should the cosplayer in question be a minor, I have no problem with having a couple of guys have a “chat” with them in the back ally before they leave. But that is a nuclear response to the situtation. I don’t know what I’d call a traditional bombing in this situation, but I would like to see that done before resorting to drastic measures.

      Finally, because I don’t want to leave on such a depressing topic, as a result of the life changes mentioned earlier I do have a few movie/show titles that might be interesting for Anime Abandon if you want them. These titles include but are not limited to Appleseed, FMA: Conqueror of Shambala, A Scanner Darkly, and Strait Jacket. I realize that not all of these fit in your current criteria, but I thought I’d make the offer. At the very least Scanner can possibly used for not quite anime month and Strait Jacket can be used as blackmail against Steve Blum. I’m planning on sending you a full list in a day or two if you’re interested.

      • MrWizard0022

        I think the original Appleseed from the 1980s would be the only one of those titles Sage would consider “Old enough” for Anime Abandon. Problem is, that OVA is boring as hell and nothing happens, meaning there probably wouldn’t be enough material for a full episode. Then again, he did it with Art of Fighting, so maybe it’s possible.

    • Lina Jones

      If you’re not interested in actually having a relationship, why BE in a relationship? This is an issue with loser guys (and girls) in general; I suppose the sex drives makes you yearn for the companionship, or at least the sex, but ultimately, you need to grow past the whole “fuck buddies” stage, and start being partners that help each other develop throughout life. Too many people of the Gen X/Y/Millenials generation seem to be stuck in this perpetual/extended adolescence. Yeah, there’s extenuating circumstances supporting that, economy and all, but it basically comes down to this:

      If you’re the sort of person who wants to play video games all day, every day, fine. It’s your life. But don’t expect other people to cling to you for it. Make peace with that, and learn to like being single. Some people just aren’t cut out for relationships, and they need to realize that about themselves.

    • Alex da Silva

      You did really well with the AT4W site Mark.

    • Alex da Silva

      To bring another example of people who go to cons for horny reasons. 2008 Comic Con got overrun by twilight fan girls and since then the wait time for panels have doubled in time.

    • Monarch

      Went up and down on the gender thing but i loved the end bits. Basically what engineer said don’t go to get laid. However i think not many people who go there for that will not listen to this since most of us here are semi decent individuals i hope.

    • Samexcomex

      Hey Pogs are Awesome there the best thing to have when you have a wobbly table.

    • Pythia Brixham

      What if I’m not interested in fucking and I go to a con to make friends?

      • MrWizard0022

        Then you keep right on doing that, because it’s totally fine.

    • Sean Michael

      List of fears? Marc fears nothing!!