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    Nothing peculiar about a laughably awful Tim Burton film. Not these days, at least…

    • penguintruth

      Anton Furst and Peter Young were very involved in the that 1989 Batman movie and largely responsible for the aesthetics of that movie. Sam Hamm’s writing was instrumental, and some of the missteps were added by Burton himself. Honestly, Batman ’89 is tied with The Dark Knight as my second favorite Batman movie (first is Mask of the Phantasm). Burton went a little too of the track in Returns, but I still enjoy that one for its camp qualities (and being a fan of penguins).

    • Njål Henrik Sand

      They cant really call them mutants and some such, since it’s based on a book series. Why do they always try to squeeze these things into such a confined space?

    • James D.

      Nice shirt Gabe.