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     Jan 15 2014 | more 

    They’re back and this time, it’s business. Sage and Neer are joined by guest of Anime Abandon, voice actor and all around nerdy historian: Bill Rogers. The angry three talk about the new live action Kite movie, comic book movies on the horizon and as is their way, manage to find some pretty dark places to settle in for a couple of minutes at a time on the journey.

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    STS title card by Chris Zito, check out his other works on DeviantArt

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    • Jerry Forbe

      “You mean the Sandman?”

      I was thinking the same thing XD and I didn’t expect that from bennett. lol

    • ChefM80

      My hatred for Amazing Spiderman is summed up in the death of Uncle Ben. HE DIES FOR CHOCOLATE MILK! I don’t know how much money spidey was screwed out of when the wrestling promoter doesn’t pay up but I bet it was more than the cost of a chocolate milk from a convenience store! Screw the sinister six. The only reason they are trying to extend the story is so marvel doesn’t call spiderman home to join the avengers.

      God I hate Bayformers 3. So many plot elements ripped from the G1 series. The human working for the decepticons, the autobots forced off planet and presumed dead, the space bridge bringing cybertron to earth, all stolen from G1.

    • birdy the critic

      I will admit that I didn’t like a lot of the story changes in Amazing Spiderman, particularly to the Death of Uncle Ben and the Lizard’s motivations, and I didn’t like the how much of a pretty boy they made Peter Parker, but I am glad that the tone was updated because all of the raimi movies feel like 60’s comic books, and I wanted an update in tone and effects. I want to see it, but I will admit that putting this many villians in one movie without prior setup is usually a bad idea.

      I really want to see The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy because it will probably be weird. Days of Future Past is kind of an unknown for me because the FOX X-men movies have been an INCREDIBLY mixed bag. The one movie, despite my inner logic and fanboy yelling at me, that I really want to see is Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla. It can’t be as bad as the 98 film…can it?

    • Bren Thoreson

      i spent so much time on IMDB during this.

    • Amit J

      Bill, nice Megazone 23 chat. I remember watching that movie and looking at that ship tentacle attack scene and wondering why the hell it was in it. It made no sense, changed the tone completely and was a very jarring experience.

    • Alexa

      I disagree in regards to Spider-Man 2, I think Amazing SM will age way worse since you can tell that it was made during this dumb era where nearly all the studios wanted to make other superheroes similar to Nolan’s Batman, which is how I felt about Amazing SM. Spider-Man 2 at least had action and great comedy and yeah the effects aren’t going to age well since that’s what happens with technology, it advances. The same can be said about the first Toy Story. Plus I feel the dialogue in Amazing is way worse because sometimes its people just awkwardly rambling or mumbling for an extended period. It was boring and like Bennett with Kite, I felt it was up its own butt.


      Music was overpowering the voices sometimes. So I will just assume Bill Rogers was telling extremely inappropriate stories about voicing pokemon characters, and Neer was protecting him.

      Truly a great friend!

    • Nominus

      The music is a bit loud compared to the voices at times

    • Orzene

      Watched the Kite trailer and the snippets they added in afterward… I couldn’t get through the last clip. Dialogue started to grate on my brain when they started talking about “drugs to erase memories” and all I could say is ‘nope’.

      It felt like I was watching a trailer for a feature length music video. For fucks’ sake they used the Skrillex remix of the Syndicate main theme. I guess it’s appropriate, but it doesn’t encourage me to watch that tripe.

    • Blackbear102

      Nice show. I’d still like a Marvel Knight movie in the Avenger Universe. I mean, Jackson’s Fury meeting the Punisher? Just make Castle an ex-SHIELD agent.

    • Deacon Hagan

      What do you thin k of the daredevil series they are going to do on Netflix?

    • hariman

      So, if Kill La Kill is anything to go by: ALL Japanese Directors/Artists/Etc have a pent up amount of crazy that might break out if they get enough notoriety to gain “Protection From Editors”.

      Then again, I’m willing to bet that’s true of all directors/writers who get stuck with Studio and Editorial Mandates or Editors that hold them back too much.

      • DarkArchon

        You say that like Guren Lagann wasnt as batshit insane as Kill La Kill is.

        • hariman

          Gurren Lagann had quiet moments that lasted longer than 30 seconds. Kill La Kill is just nonstop, breakneck pace insanity.

          Okay, granted, there are a LOT of over the top fight scenes in Gurren Lagann, but no to the same extent as Kill La Kill.

          • DarkArchon

            Thats true but the director of the show also did Panty and Stocking. i was just trying to point out he can still go up an octave.

            • hariman

              I’ve never seen Panty and Stocking. It just… doesn’t interest me for some reason.