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    SAGE VS.


    As The Shed opens amidst the internet being divided over Samus’ new strut-wear, Kirbopher enters the fray to level his opinion as a long time Nintendo person. But with his health at 170% and the Engineer swinging a homerun bat with Kirb’s name written on it, will he survive the match as Sage just kicks back in a corner of the stage and watches in amusement? Listen to find out.

    You can view the “Let’s talk about Samus” Kirblog HERE and follow him on twitter @Kirbopher.

    Music Provided By

    Xero Reynolds,”Spacediver (Metroid Remix)” & “Moonlight Oasis”, @Xerjester.

    STS title card by Chris Zito, check out his other works on DeviantArt

    Follow The Engineer on Twitter, @th3Engineer.

    Download Super ToolShed: I’m Too Sexy For My Hardsuit mp3!