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    As The Shed opens amidst the internet being divided over Samus’ new strut-wear, Kirbopher enters the fray to level his opinion as a long time Nintendo person. But with his health at 170% and the Engineer swinging a homerun bat with Kirb’s name written on it, will he survive the match as Sage just kicks back in a corner of the stage and watches in amusement? Listen to find out.

    You can view the “Let’s talk about Samus” Kirblog HERE and follow him on twitter @Kirbopher.

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      *googles zero suit samus*

      Just fucking wow… Checking out that smashpedia page she also has slutty lines in her taunts, haha..

      All with Neer on this one..

    • H

      so is there are reason that there is int a “download now” button?

      • Neerclass

        Wrong subtemplate was applied. Fixed.

    • Gerardo Ramirez

      In Starcraft, Terran Marine only wear prison pants under the Power Armor.

      I actually found the zero suit is more sexualized than the one used on Super Metroid for some reason, maybe is the single tone, almost featureless, skin thight full body that make it looks more like body paint than a suit that cover her entire body

    • Nivmarx

      That’s a really hard topic (seen by the 2 hour argument in wich Ben barely talks) Well, my opinion is pretty more towards Neer. Being a “Gamer” by his definition who happens to be a fan of certain Nintendo franchises (Fire Emblem, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros, pretty much the only reasons left I buy their consoles.), I am really pissed at what they did to Samus. I could maybe, just maybe look past the design, but Other M destroyed Samus completely! In Prime 3 we see her jumping in Ridleys mouth to shoot him in the throat and in the next game she freezes and goes into pussy mode every time she gets in trouble. It’s hard for me because the rest of Nintendos presentation of Smash Bros. looked great! So I’m kinda torn between “Fuck you stop torturing one of my heroines!” and “I am looking forward to that game!”

      • GerardoTejada

        Well not that Im a fan of Samus, but Other M actually had a story you can give a crap about and Samus was an actual character instead of just a girl in a suit. Samus, for me, was more of a figure than a character, she never had real character development. And at least It wasnt like what they did with Lara Croft (which was also exagerated because the net likes to complain). Other M was a good game, I mean It was Fun and Entertaining (I curse the day videogames became art and not games). With Samus all you need is some cool action scenes and Heroic poses then all fanboys would forget about Other M

    • Jegsimmons

      I think Mark is gonna love Halo 5. since its confirmed the spartan 2s that survived in the books (Fred, Kelly, and Linda) are finally going to show up, possibly as main characters.
      And when it comes to women, Halo has done a damn good job portraying them as people who happen to be females as opposed to the other way around.

    • AceCS

      MP3 link goes to “page not found”.

      • Neerclass

        Should be good now.

        • AceCS


    • Josh

      So Mark, you’re basically saying that people who like Nintendo are idiots?

      • Guest

        Nintendo “Blind Fanatics” can be idiots given the nonsensical things they say often. I’d agree with him. Then again I’d say that about blind fanatics of anything in general in terms of how they react to any judgement/opinion about their favorite thing, if it goes against their general beliefs. I like Nintendo overall for all the great games I’ve played, but I’m not going to dismiss that nintendo is lacking their creative drive they once had during the NES and SNES era, and their current business tactics can be questionable as well.

        • Neerclass

          What Guest said.

        • Josh

          So are the business tactics of other companies, yet they seem to not get called out as often.

        • GerardoTejada

          well Nintendo also gets a lot of Hate because gamers feel that they not longer produce games for them. Honestly I think a lot of Gamers are elitist hipsters and snobs so I kind of like Nintendo. I agree that after the Wii they havent relased anything as awsome and innovative but the 3DS is fine. From a non Gamer perspective the Wii was the one console that mixed inovation with succes and changed the way we looked at videogames. Now there are PC games that look as great as PS3 games so for me the reign of consoles is dead, for me is cheaper and so I can have more money to do other stuff.

      • Turcano

        A good section of Nintendo’s userbase has taken on cult-like qualities, where the company and its actions are not only tolerated but praised regardless of its faults, and criticism is met with large amounts of defensiveness and butthurt. (You know, like what happened with Apple.) That kind of behavior from customers is a breeding ground for complacency and stagnation like no other.

        • GerardoTejada

          But for what Ive seen and heared to mock nintendo is a comon rite in gamers tribes, you know like those hipsters in starbucks talking about microsoft, etc.
          Well like a writer once said, they kill eachother because of their differences but from here they look all the same

    • hariman

      Personally, I’ve found that you can tell if an artist “gives a shit” by the result you get. Granted, I follow a lot of artists and sometimes know when they point out that a certain piece of art was bad because of a lack of motivation. But, even without that knowledge, you can see the lack of effort when there’s no motivation.

      I think Nintendo is used to getting away with a lot, and Metroid/Samus is one of the first times where there’s been a really huge push back against a change.

      The Outfit, as I stated on Twitter, looks like paint and heels, and boob socks. I won’t deny that Samus would dress down at the end of a game, but the Zero Suit is just a cat suit given a purpose.

      The same thing can be accomplished with the Plug Suit/Contact Suit being built into the armor. Which would probably leave Samus fighting in a bikini. So why not leave Samus in the Super Metroid boots/gloves/one piece swimsuit and color change hair?

      It’s canon, it’s sexy, and Samus would still have the arm cannon instead of that random whip thing the Zero Suit got.

      As for Hardsuit Issues, I can’t recall a female character who wears proper armor and doesn’t have a “breast plate” or specifically female armor.

      Well, except Karen Joshua, from Gundam: 08th MS Team. She only fought in basic GMs and mass produced Gundams.

    • The more I think about it, the better it is to be just a casual fan and enjoy something for just the experience. There is way too much bullshit involved in all the fandoms, so much that I find myself increasingly disgusted with the implications of being a “hardcore” or “true” fan of something. That is why I don’t want to be involved with any larger fan communities anymore or be associated with them, because I found that too much intense contact with other fans tends to make something less enjoyable. For instance, Batman and Doctor Who became slightly tainted in my eyes after seeing what kind of people share my enjoyment of these two franchises and how the online environment brings out the uglier side of everybody. That is also why I don’t want to call myself a fan of anything anymore, because it implies that it defines my entire being.

      • 47ronin100

        Well said.

    • 10 to 15 people… ouch!

    • MajTheDjinni

      Well this has not only inspired me to draw out of a rut but also for me to start following on the tweet thingy bob…and post on here.

    • Anthony Montoya

      that was an intense discussion.

    • SSH1

      how much you want to bet that zero suit outfit will be changed again before this is release,just from the reaction of the Nintendo direct! also there is a third part of this argument that you’re forgetting Mr. engineer, 4 a.m. to 3 AM possible work schedule when you’re working with the team,because he is working with Bandai,the people who work on soul caliber, and the last game nobody on the development team gave a crap about, I’ve seen the character creator, it is a DLC forming system, designed with the laziness of everything! Mortal Kombat, character creator was much more personalized and improved, and that was ridiculously lazily proven, heck I’ve seen doll makers better designed!

      That said I do agree that Nintendo does need to have some major reworking, especially when it comes to the third-party developers, like for example I don’t see any signs of them having penalties when they back out of the deal, when they’re going to say were only going to develop on your platform bed two weeks later they start going to bed with Sony and and maybe Microsoft( it depends if Xbox decides to have big tits that day!) because lately the developers feel like the male strippers that girls decide to think they can pick up and have a lap dance with!

      So really I expect something to change, as per the subject of the high-heeled shoes, other than the fact that they look ridiculous, I’ve seen characters fighting with worst footwear, a matter fact the same development company of footwear in soul caliber three!

    • Aside from your new guest being completely and totally rude towards you guys and talking down to you at times, this was an incredible episode!

    • icejazzwolf

      Looking back on Metroid as far as the NES days. Has it dawned on anyone
      that the heels are within the parameters of her character? Even though
      she was always stoic. Has it never dawned on anyone that she is still a
      girl that like to wear things that makes her feel sexy? Going back as
      far as the original and even in the Return of Samus. Considering how far
      that taste advances from her Rebooted in Metroid Zero Mission. Is it
      not reasonable to say that the f*ck me rocket heels. Is that just the
      start of her taste showing. Before it evolves into the hot pants in
      Metroid Fusion.

      • Alt-Encephalon

        It’s not really about what would be within the parameters. It’s that this direction in particular, I really don’t care for. It doesn’t fit with my interpretation of the character. It’s a fictional character her taste is not written in stone anywhere. I don’t see what wrong with asking for more characters that don’t have these oversexualized traits. I’d like samus to be one of these characters.

      • DrunkenElfMage

        The problem with “she just wears things to make her feel sexy” is that there is no context to suggest that in the game. The boots are just on her feet.

        Samus, when it comes to combat and equipment, always seemed to prefer function over form. That’s why her normal armor is so distinctly asexual, because it isn’t supposed to a be a fashion statement. Its armor and its purpose is to work. When it comes to combat, she is no nonsense, what works is supposed to work and that is it. High heels are known by everyone to be least functional shoes of all time, they literally hamper the function of your feet. The animators can insist all they want that Samus can move just fine in them, but everyone knows they are bending the laws of physics so they can make Samus wear shoes that make her stick out her ass when she stands.

    • GerardoTejada

      I had never thought about ths things but It bothers me that some people actually care, I wonder if they know how stupid they sound. Oh I dont say they are stupid, only that “nerd talk” always sounds stupid and irrelevant, no offense.

    • DrunkenElfMage

      Kirbopher kept on asking this question the entire podcast. “Is it bad, that as a casual fan of Samus, that I did not care?”

      Yes, it is. But its not your fault.

      Its bad that as a consumer of video game media, you have become used to the idea that women in video games are dolled up; that if they don’t have a Y chromosome, your eyes just expect them to be curvier and and wearing makeup and all around objectified. You are used to it, which is the entire problem of having so much objectification in or media today.

      The problem with objectification is that implies that a woman is not deemed important enough to be represented if she isn’t sexy, or if her body isn’t curvy enough. One instance of objectification isn’t bad, but media has SO MUCH OF IT that it is affecting our world view, limiting the view of men that they have on women and what women think of the themselves.

      Samus used to be one of the few rare cases in media that didn’t rely on sexiness in her appeal. Sure the first few games did had Bikinia Samus, but that was only the first three, and it wasn’t the main thing that people thought about when thinking about her. Hell I didn’t even know that Bikini Samus was even a thing and I played the hell out of Fusion and Prime. Before Other M, Samus was just badass in a Space suit to me, and the fact that Samus was a beautiful woman was just a tid bit, a minor thing that was there if it REALLY mattered to you, but it could be ignored.

      But Nintendo has been adding more and sex appeal over the years and it isn’t something that you could ignore like the Bikini suit. Its become the main selling point for her and that just pisses me off. No longer is she just a badass in a Space Suit; Nintendo is sending the message that she is only worth promoting if she is a SEXY badass in a space suit. An impossibly skinny woman with huge boobs and a skin tight outfit, with high heels that make her stick her butt out more when she walks.

      Dammit, I told myself I wouldn’t comment on these kinds of things anymore.

      • icejazzwolf
        • DrunkenElfMage

          Lazy. Unless you were the person who made that video, than that is lazy.

          YES, I know that Samus was always sexualized. SO WHAT? Just because something was bad before doesn’t mean that its okay now. Its something that Nintendo does have to do anymore.

          I am perfectly fine with good looking characters, especially sexy women able to kick ass. Hell Skull girls is one of my favourite games and all those girls are made to be hot and sexy. The problem I have is that ALL WOMEN IN GAMES ARE LIKE THAT. ALL OF THEM. If you are a playable character in a video game, its a 99 percent chance that you are a sexy, slim beautiful, and made for the male gaze.

          (Sure, the men in video games are usually sexy or attractive as well. But they can be tall and short, Big like the Hulk or skinny like Nathan Drake. For women, its the same damn figure every single time. )

          Nintendo could have dropped the sexiness entirelly and Samus would have been perfectly fine, no one would have said a damn thing. We would have finally had that one girl character in video games that didn’t need sexiness to make herself popular.

          Instead, Nintendo feels the need to sexualize her more and more every single damn itteration. First with the zero suit, then giving her heels (they were bad in Other M and Brawl too), and now they’ve dolled her up in make up and made her flipping boobs bigger.

          I don’t care if girls in video games are sexy, Samus should have been that one girl in video games that didn’t need to be sexy.

          • icejazzwolf

            “YES, I know that Samus was always sexualized. SO WHAT? Just because
            something was bad before doesn’t mean that its okay now. Its something
            that Nintendo doesn’t have to do anymore.”

            I’m going to have to disagree, because of basic common sense. This is not even close to as bad as they were in the past. Where in Brawl. You literally had her cloths falling off to get to the zero suit. They gave her some futuristic looking rocket boots. Your argument is they are making her no different from the DOA girls. Where her T&A functions there own separate physics engine.

            Saying this this or that one thing out of 98% of the time where that character is a badass. Makes your objectification argument a false narrative. As Kirbopher pointed out. You’re disregarding 98% of the time you have had with Samus, kicking ass. And reducing her to that 2%. of the time where she is not in the Armor.

            From what I’m gathering from you. Is that when Samus gets out of that armor. She needs too look like Hallary Clinton or Margaret Thatcher. Otherwise she is just an object.

            • DrunkenElfMage

              Call them boots as much as you want, those are high heels. The yellow lines match the shape of traditional five inch heels. The designers knew exactly what they were doing when they designed them.

              You’re right, though, 98% of the time, Samus is a badass and in that awesome armor Kicking Space Pirate ass. In the old games. But in the next Smash Bros, she is gonna be running around in skimpy clothes and high heels at least 50 % of the time for people who play that game and that game is the only new exposure that she is going to get for a long time.

              This ratio is not going to be a one time thing for Nintendo and if no one complains about it, than we are going to see more and more games where Zero Suit Samus is more and more prevalent because marketers think that gamers only like women when they are eye candy.

              Jeez dude, I want for some slightly reduced proportions, some decent shoes and no make up, and you think I want her changed to some kind of Asexual creature or else she is worthless? She would look perfectly fine without those ridiculous design choices, and still look “attractive” enough for everyone to be satisfied.

              For the record, while I don’t want Samus to look like them, a fighter that looked like a version of Hillary Clinton or Margaret Thatcher would be awesome. If Nintendo’s main mascot looks like a cartoon of Ron Jeremy, we could handle a Hillary or a Thatcher.

            • icejazzwolf

              Compared to what she had on in the late 80’s and early 90’s on the NES, GameBoy, and SNES http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110509044328/metroid/images/b/b1/Samus_2D_endings.jpg The Zero Suit is part of a reboot of the Metroid Franchies. From Metroid Zero Mission game in 2004. And is WAY more tame than what they had her in. So, the oversexualized skimpy clothes argument is a strait pack of lies. When they blatantly toned it down. So, the Zero Suit is out of the equation.

              You still have the Classic full Armor Samus. With all the historic and iconic value still in the game. So, you can even have fun playing classic Samus beating on new school Samus. Once again you’re focusing on that 2% and ignoring the 98% fun kick ass enjoyment.

              “you think I want her changed to some kind of Asexual creature or else she is worthless?”

              Because that is the exact argument you are making.

    • capthavic

      My take on it is yeah Nintendo should be ashamed for putting Samus in high heels, and they ARE high heels, anyone saying otherwise is only fooling themselves. Also I hate Other M with a burning passion such that this whole mess forces me to even remember it exists pisses me off.

    • apartment906

      Are we really slippery-sloping Samus into “dancing on a stripper pole” because she’s wearing heels in a non-canonical Smash Bros. game?! You should be more concerned in the powers that be just making a GOOD Metroid game!

    • Craptastic-13

      I wonder if Kirbopher ever recovered from the bleeding asshole Neer gave him? Kirbopher is so full of shit and Neer is absolutely right to hit him for being a complacent little Nintendo fanshit.

    • Rakkrakk

      My only two problems with the samus thing are:
      1) Heels are bullshit for fighters. Period.
      2) When are we finally getting the Fusion suit in Smash Bros? Because Other M fucking sucked and doesn’t deserve any mention in future games and Fusion is the last in the timeline.

    • Kyle Reese

      Kinda Salty mark. It isn’t like Samus Aran is a friggin Shakespeare character or something, hell the silent space dragon Ridley is probably at least as developed, if not more developed than Samus is. So I personally don’t see why care about what Nintendo does with her with smash 4 since it was a slight outfit change, if you are of the same mindset today as you were when you recorded this anyway.