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    After a long semi-accidental hiatus, the boys are back. The new TMNT, the entitled generation and some audience commentary are all addressed in this XL episode.

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    • I’m mainly concerned about Shredder…..I don’t like what they have going so far.

    • H

      why is the “download now” button giving me toolshed 19 instead of toolshed 20?

      • Sawcesome

        Same’s happening for me too.

        • Neerclass


    • Jorbling

      Having a section where you address hate mail is a good way to inspire attention-hungry lowlifes to give you more hate mail…

    • Sol Gill

      I agree with what you said for the most part… except the whole thing about the New52. It’s not a matter that, the readers are out of the demographic, it’s the matter of DC not giving a shit about their fans. Between the removal of Wally West and Cassandra Cain, making Superman and Wonder Woman a couple, what they have done with the Teen Titans, and actually making things MORE confusing.

      • hariman

        There’s also the issue that the writing at DC has gotten worse and worse over the years. Which is part of the whole “not giving a shit” thing.

    • Jegsimmons

      im more mad TMNT is gonna suck nuts,

      also the turtles look creepy, they can have lips and noses…but they have such a bad design

    • rudy023

      The new TMNT movie may be good, but any time I see Michael Bay’s name attached to anything in some way, it throws up a yellow flag. If I see the movie & it sucks, it will feel like him saying, “Gotcha again!”

    • hariman

      Hmm. The “For Us By Us” mentality doesn’t work, so “For EVERYONE By Us” is what’s needed to expand the “Us” part of the fandom.

      I do wonder what you’re going to say about Inuyasha when you finally review it. I actually enjoyed Inuyasha years ago, and don’t think it’s all that bad. (barring the bullshit filler that killed it for years before they released The Final Chapter season and actually finished it.) But, yeah. I can see why you’d hate it.

    • hariman

      … I apologize for triple posting. I still vote Macross Plus for Nuts and Bolts.

    • Alex

      I would LOVE to see you two do Powerpuff Girls someday. It’d probably have to be under Not Quite Anime Month instead of Toonami Month, but I’d love to see it. Of course, you’d have to get through the other big names before you even touch PPG, but that’s okay because I want to watch the road you go down to get there.

    • Bren Thoreson

      HOnestly if you want a true to form new Ninja Turtle read the IDW Comix. Best oragin ever.

    • tasti man LH

      I think the “rape our childhood” stuff mostly boils down to a “What will the neighbors say?!” mindset.

      That if some guy from Hollywood takes a beloved franchise, a franchise that has a big nerd fanbase, and present it to the mainstream in the form of a widely-released blockbuster movie. That if the movie is a terrible movie, that it will give mainstream audience members, or anyone not originally “in” the franchise, will give the wrong impression of “Their” favorite fictional franchise, and that they will be ridiculed for liking the franchise because of it.

      …which I honestly don’t think is as big of a deal as people make it. Usually.

      I have not heard of anyone who thinks Transformers as a whole sucks because the Michael Bay movies suck. At least, I haven’t met anyone who thinks that way. I haven’t met anyone who thinks Avatar: The Last Airbender as a whole sucks because of Shymalan’s movie sucks.

      Really the only thing I can think of that comes close to this and is valid is how the Godzilla movies have been viewed outside of Japan, in that everywhere else they’re viewed as really cheap, B-sci-fi movie shlock that’s really cheesy and that you can’t take it seriously…and that that’s all the franchise has to offer. Although that has a significantly smaller fanbase outside of Japan and pales in comparison to the fanbases of TMNT and Transformers.

    • Issun86

      I would like a Nuts and Bolts episode on Ninja Scroll please.

    • Alexa

      I’m not really a fan of TMNT, but even I find it really unnecessary and yes the turtles look butt fucking ugly. Plus white washing is so dumb, sorry but it is. Also its just the first trailer, lets see if it gets better or worse.

    • I’m still undecided about the new TMNT. My initial reaction to the trailer was pretty much just a shrug, because aside from the Turtles there was nothing in it that would make it stand out from every other trailer I’ve seen in the past three or four years. But since then I’ve started to warm up to the possibility that it might actually be quite entertaining, although I would want to see at least one more trailer before deciding if I’m willing to pay for a movie ticket. Overall, I’m content with the previous versions that I’ve liked, so I don’t need a new version of TMNT and it doesn’t really affect me if it would turn out to be bad. I find it hard to relate to all the people talking about childhoods being raped by something, because a bad Star Wars-movie is not going to retro-actively ruin the one I’ve enjoyed before that.

      That said, as soon as I heard about a live-action version of “The Last Airbender” I had no interest in seeing it, because I knew that it would not be the same experience. I didn’t decide that it would be worse than the original show, but I liked that version so much that I didn’t need another fix so I decided to just wait and see. Some of the early screenshots of the scenery and props looked interesting, but there was nothing to make me interested in actually seeing it, so I ended up saving money.

    • First of all i white listed this site a long time ago and just let the ads play cuz i support what you guys do and want to see a lot more of it! Also this was a great podcast today guys! I loved the brutally honest and open conversations you guys got into! Very enlightening!

      • I completely agree… Also a little fyi to anyone out there if you white list Blip.tv all the video adds will play on any site that uses blip. Though the blip player is still a broken badly designed pile of flash that should have been replaced with the supposedly in development HTML5 player that blip talks about, and if i see that damn Disney world commercial one more time i may just break something…. But Mark, Sage keep up the good work i will continue to throw my money at you as long as i can

        • Turcano

          That’s what I hate the most about the ads: not that they exist, but that they play the same goddamn ads over and over and over again. If they did that on TV, no one would stand for it.

    • Sean Michael

      Hopefully the Dragon Ball Z won’t come soon. I’m not saying that it isn’t a series that deserves to be talked about, because it does of course its Fucking DBZ. I just hope you guys dodge that bullet a little longer considering that its gonna have to be the series and not the movies and thats gonna be a headache to talk about considering its 291 EPISODES LONG!!


      During all that Oculus Rift stuff I was smirking and chuckling while thinking about the Ouya and all its “For us, by us, indie games 4 ever!!” when you described what people think kickstarter and the like is for.

      You really couldn’t use a better example for what happens if they go that route.

      No real comment on the nuts and bolts, whatever is fine, although I guess I should probably request one that surprises me, Mezzo Forte.

      I’m still so conflicted about the series, and every time I get past the “Random gangbang” stuff it creeps back into my memory, lol..

    • apartment906

      Loved the “electric weasel in my shorts” segment. I laughed about the kuwabara mea culpa; I know you’ve played MGS3: Snake Eater, amirite Bennett?! How could you forget that weird sh*t Volgin was uttering?