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    SAGE VS.


    Sometimes the best Shed is an impromptu Shed. Nothing newsworthy, just a checking in of sorts. Bad news on the horizon and the dawn is coming. Have a listen.

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    George Sakalis,”Aston’s theme (Dead-World)”,@ YouTube.

    Xero Reynolds,”Blacklight Gypsy”, @Xerjester.

    Title card by the Engineer, follow him on Twitter, @th3Engineer.

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    • I’m disappointed that there isn’t a hentai based on David Bowie’s daily morning rituals.

      • Jegsimmons

        …Not of david bowie.

    • Some dude

      Butts, that is all

    • Jerry Forbe

      I missed you guys and your bullshitting <3

    • Jegsimmons

      This podcast reminds me why i love my ’00 grand marquis.

      i had an accident similar to Mark.
      Some woman in an suv or those shitty van/suv ugly piece of shit hybrids, lived in a house just off the highway where everyone goes 55 and over.
      For once in my life im actually trying to drive safe as opposed to lead footing it in the left lane like an ass.
      She doesnt have working break lights and slows to make a turn and by the time i can tell what is going on with the afternoon sun in my fucking eyes i was lready on the brake, honking the horn trying to turn.
      Too late, the back of her car crunches my entire front in, fucks up my hood, murders my lights and engine fan as well devastating my front bumper and nicked the radiator and go knows what.
      Her car barely has a fuck mothering scratch and she pretends to have a hurt neck, she obviously didnt.
      I wasnt going fast enough to deploy my air bags but my front is fucked.
      And that baby still drove 7 miles home then an extra 400 miles with no problem before i got it in the shop.
      Grand Marquis are amazing.

    • Jegsimmons

      Ya’lls Spider woman rant part…i think you’re talking about that Maddox page and video where he discusses it.


    • Kilgore

      Marc continues to be an inspiration. Thought this would be appropriate.

    • Kilgore

      Marc continues to be an inspiration. Thought this motivational would be appropriate.


    • Kilgore

      Hey Marc, nice choice on the Blue Icicle! About a year ago, I picked up a similar device called the CEntrance MicPort Pro. I was mainly attracted to its INSANELY LOW noise floor, lag-free monitoring and built-in phantom power, which is perfect for my AKG line of mics.

      Out of curiousity, which XLRs do you use? Right now I have an AKG Perception 820, 220 and Shure SM57.

    • Joe Quesada is no longer Editor in Chief of Marvel, he is now Chief Creative Officer.

    • H

      i don’t know if you care but.
      have you tried ddp yoga.
      or try to drink water that insist contaminated?

    • Denny Crane

      I never heard someone laugh so heartily about OBDII. That me LOL.

    • Robert

      the dust that accompanies an airbag deployment is a lubricant and usually consists of talc powder or cornstarch.

      • cynicalnerd

        Actually, much of that dust is typically potassium nitrate, silica and other compounds meant to trap the byproducts of the explosive (as well any of the explosive that didn’t initially go off) used to generate the gas to inflate the bags. Sodium Azide is nasty stuff, and its byproducts it releases when it decomposes aren’t much better. Thankfully, newer cars employ far safer explosives like nitroguanidine (aka: Picrite) to power the airbags.

    • Scott Schafer

      The Engineer this generations American Hero