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    Sage vs. Under The Skin

     Apr 20 2014 | more 

    We came for the naked Scarlett Johansson. We stayed for the most unintentionally silly movie so far this year.

    • Alexa

      Honestly the premise of the film still sounds really interesting, even if the presentation does seem very iffy. I mean there are very few films about a female serial killer. But of course in this case she does it because she’s an alien and not because of any wonderful character complexity. Really if they just cut out the whole alien stuff, it could have been a gender swapped Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

    • Pbearadactyl

      If Under The Skin is up its own ass then I hope more movies go up their own ass.

    • noah siers

      Why do I feel like every serial killer on Earth wants a Scarlett suit?

    • The BDD connection you made at the end makes this sound like an interesting film to see for that reason alone. I may have to see this when it hits Netflix.