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    Super ToolShed: Reset? Not yet

     Nov 23 2013 | more 

    Sage and Neer give a P.S. to Sage’s goodbye to formal game reviewing and our heroes take a look back on the console experiences of the outgoing generation that may not have been Triple-A all around, but they got at least one A for effort.

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    • Alt-Encephalon

      HA we need to get Bennett fully outfitted with flatcap in a game. I’d help with that but I’m broke. have too much money tied up in kickstarter at the moment anyway..

    • Redblaze27

      I never get the idea of people “saying goodbye” to the previous game generation as soon as the new consoles launch. The gaming forecast is making it look like PS3/360 will still be the dominant consoles in 2024, seeing as they have a significantly higher active user base than PS4/XB1.

      • Alt-Encephalon

        that’s always the case with a new generation ($399+Games $499+ Games is quite a bit of money) – and I don’t think its a great idea to rush into a new console generation especially with the industry in its current state. The reason these lists come out about this time is most of the major releases (that aren’t localizations into new markets) are out or will be soon so its more looking back on the history of the console since not too much will be coming out for it going forward.

        • Redblaze27

          I’d also like to bring up that the user base on both PS3 & 360 are significantly higher at the time of the successor console’s launch than with most other sequel console launches.

          The industry would be outright foolish to immediately drop legacy support like they were transitioning from the Gamecube to the Wii or something.

          • Alt-Encephalon

            Well that’s to be expected as the console market finally finished moving into the mainstream market last generation pretty much burning gaming away any remaining misconceptions it was a niche market.

            I’m not about to make a final call on the backwards compatibility issue. for the PS4 it made more sense as the Cell architecture of the PS3 would be incredibly problematic to integrate into an x86 system and would probably increase the cost and weight of the the machine beyond a reasonable level. the Xbone doesn’t have this problem I think Microsoft just completely dropped the ball on …. pretty much everything before they were lambasted after E3. Sony is at least trying with their streaming technology. even if they made some incredibly bizarre choices with some things. Cant play MP3s out of the box?? Really??

    • hariman


      Graphics come after that! I will admit that having good graphics, or a consistent style (look at Persona 3 for a consistent art style example.) is important.

      But story and gameplay are the main draws.

      I HATE games that have a badly told story. (Like Final Fantasy X. That game had a good story told VERY badly.)

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      Actually, on Metroid Prime 2, I find the difficulty and fear of that game added to its atmosphere. Now, I’m saying that after playing the more balanced version on Metroid Prime Trilogy, but I still consider it a good game, though I will admit that the original Gamecube release was too difficult.

    • Sergio Ortiz

      Actually Omega man was based on the book that was called I am Legend not omega man, so what you meant to say is that they should do a game based on I am Legend. Now with that said I really think that would be awesome, it will be like a combination between state of decay and fortnight but lonelier and more oppressive atmosphere. I actually think am going to start a riot until they that game done.

    • Wethewax

      Totally agree with what Neer said about post-apocalyptic settings. I’ve been saying it for about the last year or so, maybe more.
      The apocalypse isn’t just depressing, it’s also pretty unbelievable. Human history tends to suggest that people respond to disaster by rebuilding, not by turning on each other.

    • George

      OMG! I am Legend is the name of the book that the Omega Man is based off. I am Legend is also the name of the movie that Will Smith starred in which is suppose to be based on the book, but seemed to lose itself along the way.

      • Neerclass

        Yeah, I completely had it inverted and backwards. Apologies to fans of the book who knew/know better than I.

    • Furrama

      Since you said you didn’t know, it’s pronounced: El Shad-Die

    • HigiD

      I got the Mirror’s Edge Pacifist Trophy… on the hardest difficulty…
      Free tip, the slide kick into a combo will down almost anyone ^^;;;;;;

      • Neerclass

        Well done!

    • DarkVeghetta

      Funny thing. I’m actually going to get Dark Sector and play it because it’s the prequel of Warframe – my current favorite MMO that I play on a daily basis. I’ve seen your review of it in years past and I’m very surprised something good actually came from it. But in the interest of more backstory, I’ll fucking play it… as painful as it probably will be. Oh, and the race you belong to in Warframe is called ‘the Tenno’… yes, they’re a splinter race that originate… somehow, from Hayden Tenno. Also Warframe is set in the distant future, yet that Glaive still exists – I use it regularly and it’s rather awesome now. 😀
      Sidenote: Is it just me or have you guys been doing more Super ToolShed then before? Me likey.

      • DarkVeghetta

        *prequel to

    • Michael Sunseri

      Just as a quick response Sage.. The flat cap (originally called a bonnet until about 1700 AD) originated from the British Isles (England, Ireland and Scotland) and southern Italy. the beret actually came from a mountain range that borders both France and Spain called Pyrenees. The hat became popular in many regions where it is still commonly worn today ( Spain, Portugal and Italy). For those curious I already knew about the flat cap… the beret i checked Wikipedia to fill in the gaps from my (college) world cultures class 🙂

    • Im actually going to watch omega man tonight! I bet i can find it somewhere on the internet… I want to watch it now that you guys where talking about it!