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    • the only downside on “gamer girls” is having to hear on a headset “ha ha I’m a GIRL and i PWN’d U!! Yeah that’s right I’M A GIRL!!”
      I play for fun and I like to play with normal people not A-holes. -.-

      • Well if there’s something to thank globalization is that nowaday everyone can be a prick(in their own way). And yes, I simpathise with you. Getting owned by a girl(as in someone with a pair of X cromosomes that behaves like a child) is more frustating, because nothing you can say or do will do nothing but make you look like a sexist jerk. I have a dream…

      • Hooligan451

        That sounds more like an insult to her then anything. She basically acknowledges the opinion that girls are not as good as guys at video games and since she killed you, you are worse then a girl.

        • Ultima-X

          That would then imply that she’s just as bad then.

    • screamingturnip

      Waitaminut Raiden has broad shoulders?