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    Anime Abandon: Battle Angel

     May 29 2017 | more 

    The next big, Hollywood anime adaptation is… not what you think it is.

    • I gotta say, there are a few things in how this anime handles the type of world that feel different enough from other distopia with body part thieves than I was expecting.

    • Cameron Ward

      Well, if they want to have Alita and her friend Shinji ( i know that isn’t’ his name, but still), they would have to have them both at the beginning of the film. I feel like this would work better as a mini series or something.

    • Fiery Little One

      So that’s what Cameron’s been sitting on for years.

    • Mattaphysics

      Yeah, the live action move has been in production hell for so long that Jessica Alba was once considered for the lead role.

    • DJKennedy90 .

      re:Robotech movie. Why would anyone want that?

      It still boggles the mind on how Harmony Gold is still in business after all these years, since they are still the reason that Macross can’t get officially localized in the US. Like, I heard they just licensed a new comic for Robotech recently and I just think, why?

      Thanks to Sage, I got introduced to Macross and I love (most) of the various series, but the first one (and DYRL?)holds a special place in my heart despite only watching it for the first time only a few years ago. And I had to ask myself, why am I opposed to Robotech when I can look fondly back at Voltron which was another hackjob from the same period?

      And it’s probably because while GoLion was… okay for its own merits, the changes made created a better story for Lion Voltron. Plus it led to a really great remake on Netflix. Robotech, on the other hand, doesn’t enhance Macross, it’s lesser. At least to me.

    • Real_Kurvos

      Speaking of the thumbnail art: Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you just removed the boobs on this character and it was a male character, wouldn’t it have been you beating them instead and ridiculing them? Just that I’m sensing a bit of a double standard here, is all…

    • Malitia

      You know… mentioning brainlessness in (well, after) a Battle Angel review is an interesting thing to do. O.o

    • Neon

      It’s times like this that I’m proud to be Canadian, because James Cameron shows what we can do wen it comes to films (and hopefully anime).

    • It was also strikingly well made for its time. It was well animated and the characters designs were a cut above.

    • jesternario

      Well, let’s hope the fish-man makes a decent movie with this one.

    • penguintruth

      I reviewed this one a while back. It was… a thing. I remember watching this for the first time when I was pretty early in my fandom and was just DEVOURING any anime I could get my hands on. On a family vacation I rented it, Venus Wars, and the first Tenchi movie Yeah, none of them really hold up especially well. At least Venus Wars and Tenchi in Love had some great visuals. This had… Egon-looking guy and that depressing ending. I remember enjoying it, though, at some point.


      Also, no wonder you hate Evangelion if you can’t separate Spike Spencer from Shinji. His Shinji is terrible.

      • Jason olin

        Tenchi Muyo in Love holds up very well, and not just from the visuals. Venus Wars, while having a lot of issues was GORGEOUS in terms of animation as well.

    • Aotrs Commander

      I think this was actually the first “proper” anime I ever saw, at a time before Pok√©mon was a big thing, when it was shown on Channel 4.

      I remember watching this (in the UK as Battle Angel Elita), and stuff like Dangaio (I think) and Fist of the North Star and wondering why the merry hell animes never seemed to tell a complete sotry (the lone exception of that period being Three by Three Eyes, which was I think the second anime I saw).

      It’s actually pretty rare for this show to be about something I’ve heard of, let alone actually seen, so this was a nice change of pace!

    • gluhbuhfuh

      The first “Battle Angel” series is an imperfect, but entertaining sprawling epic, of which two minor early story lines were compacted into these OVA’s. Really kind of pointless to review if you’re not interested in the source material. Actually, I’m recognizing a pattern here. None of your reviews of anime adaptations ever seem to be familiar with the source material, which is almost always better than the animated version and certainly integral to understanding most of it. It’s like watching a few random episodes of the Spider Man cartoon from the 90’s and writing off the entire franchise. “Battle Angel” is not a surprising franchise to get the Hollywood treatment at all if you knew how influential and beloved the manga is.

      • gluhbuhfuh

        BTW, on that note, yeah, these two episodes are not my cup of tea. You’re spot on: They’re an oddity, a little something for people who were already fans of an epic manga and wanted to see some parts of it animated. Basically what we have is a bunch of undeveloped potential. Read the first manga series.

      • R. Butler

        The show is called ANIME Abandon, not Anime/Manga/VN/Movie/Game/Book/General Media Abandon.
        The premise is one man’s personal takes on anime-derived series/movie/OVA in a review fashion that aims to be entertaining while remaining focused on the material at hand. It doesn’t matter if the source is solid fucking gold; if a derivative is an incomprehensible mess that doesn’t stand on its own, the audience is going to cease caring.

        If Bennett had to get wrapped up in source materials, his DBZ World’s Strongest video would have been 10 hours long. What sane person wants that? If someone is interested, they can do their own research. In fact, I’d encourage that — better than whining uselessly and complaining about something you cannot change.

        I swear, every time I see another comment whining about how “Sage doesn’t know/cover the source material blah blah”, I die a little more inside…