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    In which we coin the term “F**k Fighting”.

    • Hmph…..sounds like a rental.

    • birdy the critic

      Wait. Sage watches Higurashi? But that’s a NEW anime!! SACRILEGE!! lol

      Anyway, good discussion Sage and Gabe. I will probably still go see this because I have two friends: One was a huge fan of the first one, and the other one wants a good laugh. Why am I going? I am the only one with a car.

      • JillyBean

        It started in 2006, so it’s too recent for his cut off date but I hesitate to call it ‘new’. Have you seen that show recently? Man is that animation hard to watch, not to mention the English dub feels straight out of the 90s.

        • birdy the critic

          I will not deny that the English dub is utterly horrible. I believe Angel Cop might have a better dub than Higurashi. The animation is by no means top notch, but it’s not horrible. What really sucks is that only the first season of the show was released stateside, so unless you sought out the second season subbed yourself, nothing was resolved. The show itself is quite good overall, but Geneon’s release of it makes it intolerable.
          And I am aware Higurashi is not that new anymore. Just having fun with Sage’s rules for anime review.

          • JillyBean

            If it ever gets covered on sages show one day then damn do I look forward to that. It is a pity because it’s a good anime but it’s a perfect example of anime being ruined in the translation process.

            And fair enough, though actually I think the game itself has reached ancient territory. That thing came out ages ago.

    • JillyBean

      Reaaaaaallly did not enjoy this movie. I was taken there on a date yesterday, date loved it and I was just bored and disappointed. I agree with Gabe as well, it was a confusing slog on how to feel about the representation of woman in this.

    • HigiD

      You guys said a lot about how progressive this film is because it has a villainess. The thing is apart from a fuck-fight scene, I am not sure what ground this film broke that Disney has worn down with Ursela, Cruella, Maleficent…

      At least as far as female villains are concerned.

      That being said I won’t take anything away from Eva Green’s performance. Truly the saving grace of what I felt was 300 minus 299.

      Higurashi is awesome btw, freaking love that manga. The anime was………… not as bad as it couldve been.
      Still need to play the games though to complete my fanboy experience though.

    • 47ronin100 .

      Sword and Sandal genre. That’s the term you guys are looking for.

    • Icaras

      The spy was the the “Father” character (Being a semi well known Australian actor, I guess he stood out to me more than he would to an American that prolly doesn’t know him).
      I’m surprised you didn’t notice this, he was in the VERY next scene along with his son, and was the main guys friend. It’s also Artemisia made sure to kill him later on in the film.

      Now that I think about it…the entire time I was watching this, I thinking everyone was calling him “The Mistocles”, and I was actually surprised to find out it wasn’t a title, but was his actual name, haha.

    • John Haslach

      Given the fact that Lena Heady is narrating this film, that makes me think that she was narrating Themistocles and Artemsia’s sex scene to the troops. …Think about that.

    • Locke


      Thought I liked the movie better before I looked it up, back when I thought they were calling him “The Mysticles.” Still, no idea how you can forget a name that hilarious.