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    Anime Abandon: Dragon Half

     Jul 14 2017 | more 

    Even only half an OVA can still be fully entertaining.

    • Neon

      Do the Gods deceive me, or did I just see Gundam 0080 in that cluster of DVDs? ……. Oh Gods, hear my prayer: Let Sage review that master piece this coming Christmas….. and let there be hamburger meat too.

    • Fiery Little One

      It’s interesting that you had Marzgurl in for that bit at the beginning since I saw her look at this title. As I recall, she wasn’t as kind on it as you were. But, as they say, different strokes for different folks, eh?

      • MarzGurl

        What? I loved it.

        • Fiery Little One

          … My mistake. I guess I was thinking of one of your other recent anime reviews.

    • Ilian Todorov

      Considering that the manga that this OVA is adaptation of is seven volumes long….

      • Spike Prime

        …were you gonna finish that train of thought…?

        • Ilian Todorov

          They couldnt finish 4 episode OVA

    • Spike Prime

      That was definitely a fun review, and I’m always happy to see you review something overall positive, though the “Dick….. saucer” gag got old fast, just the one speech about how “Dick…. saucer” is what every woman wants would’ve been enough, the rest of the times were unneeded I feel.
      Though you have a much better grasp of what humour is than. say, NC who thinks it’s all about misery and pain, where you realise it’s more about a psychological reaction to well-timed unexpected events, that people don’t necessarily need to suffer for humour to work well.

      Although, please don’t do another Suave-only review again after this next one. I hated the persona when it first appeared (didn’t help that it was the second episode, and thus was way too soon to do something like that) and none of the rest of the times have endeared that humour to me either. Please just make this the last time before the dead horse becomes complete mush.

      • Brian O’Connell

        I did like how stupid Damuramu was though, “Thankfully I have a very compact brain!”.

      • Eli Herold


    • Brian O’Connell

      I preferred the subtitled version (this dub is making my ears bleed). Hey though, did you know Mink had a cameo in Dragon Pink? It’s true.

      • Darius Brown

        Subtitle version is kind of boring

        • Eli Herold

          I usually watch subs since most of the shows I’ve seen on streaming services like Hulu are sub only. If there is a dub I’ll watch it with a sub unless I perfer it over the sub, like with “Excell Saga”. Even with that it can be difficult to find dubbed episode of it on YouTube. Still amazing show though.

    • hariman

      …I lost it at the dramatic dry ice joke.

      Eh, I’d tolerate the Japanese + Subs better, but we’ve already established that I’m one of those crazy “Subs are better than dubs, much of the time, though NOT all of the time” people.

      …Gotta watch Outlaw Star in Japanese to test that out one of these days.

      O_o Beethoven mashup omelet song. Nice.

      Also… you can’t escape the grim, grinning, silly spectre of One Piece forever Sage! You’ll have to review a One Piece movie someday! Eventually, if you can make it funny, and if you want to review it. ;p

      Apparently Raider’s fans respond faster than the Spoony fandom after a crossover. XD

      And I find the “cut my scenes!” joke funny too!

      …Gonna have to watch this on Crunchyroll too. It looks like silly fun. 🙂

    • Lina Jones

      I remember this one being especially hilarious at the time, though I was much younger. Still, even just seeing the clips in this vid, it’s still endearing.

    • jesternario

      At first I thought he was going to look at Dragon Pink.

    • Seiya Meteorite

      Love this anime, the Japanese version is better, no one can beat Kotono Mitsuishi, but the dub doesn’t sound too bad. It’s funny how Mink is both by a magical girl in both versions (Sailor Moon in Japanese, and Cutey Honey in English) XD

      I don’t agree about the whole joke/language thing in the beginning though, any joke can be funny in any language from what I’ve seen.