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    Sage vs. Lucy

     Jul 26 2014 | more 

    Just because Luc Besson uses only 10 percent of his brain doesn’t mean WE have to…

    EDIT: Lucy was an Australopithecus Aferensis, not Africanus.

    • georgeversion1

      I’m sorry, but y’all sound surprise by a lot of the bullshit that they pull in this movie. All of this was revealed in the trailers for the movie. They didn’t try to hide the fact that Lucy was a mary sue bitch in this cgi fest of the movie. Judging by what you two have been saying is that this movie is currently meeting I’m expecting from the movie.

    • hariman

      Well. This movie looks like a pile of shit, smelled like a pile of shit, and is a pile of shit. Which was obvious as soon as they had Morgan Freeman sell out and say the 10% of the brain line.

      As for Hercules: THAT’S HOLLYWOOD. In a nutshell. Lately, with a number of writers and studios in Hollywood, nothing can be mythical. Nothing can be legendary. Heroes who are epic characters from legend MUST be brought down to human, made flawed, and utterly destroyed in the process.

      Beowulf is a prime example of that. And now, they hit Hercules with that too.

      It’s the endless spew of trash like Lucy and Hercules and even Beowulf with it’s “people are flawed and even legendary heroes are liars” BS that make me disgusted with Hollywood and the majority of the movies they put out each year.

    • Sean Michael

      I kind of want that germ movie to happen now.

    • tanner martens

      trust me sage, the Hercules movie is still awesome dumb action. Hercules still does super human feats and it’s well worth a watch.

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      Nice review. Also, Bennett, thanks for talking about Game of Thrones and not once mentioning the word “spoilers.” I’m serious. As a nonviewer, I am so sick of people being so afraid or stuck up to talk about that damn show at the risk of spoiling it. I personally want it spoiled so then I’ll actually find out something interesting about the show and WANT to watch it.

    • Up until now, I hadn’t really noticed how flat Scar Jo’s acting can be. I really only know her from Ghost World and Lost in Translation, and I liked her in both films, but I don’t think either truly hinged on her acting chops.

      It’s interesting you guys say that “Lucy” is a Mary Sue. When I think of a “Mary Sue” my mind typically goes to heroines of female-created media – e.g. Bella from Twilight, Katniss from The Hunger Games, any shoujo heroine from any shoujo anime EVER – and not those of male-created media. Kind of depressing that such over-idealized, wish-fulfillment characters can turn up in both.

      (Ok, not sure if what I just said in the previous paragraph qualifies as sexist or not, but I’m standing by it.)

      Going back to the lead actress again, I liked the comparison to Brad Pitt. But you’re right, he tends to pick roles better suited to his “not of this world syndrome” than she does.

      Very entertaining review, guys. Sorry you had to endure such a train wreck of a movie.

    • endplanets

      Bullshit, the basic forces in the universe are time, matter, distance and energy (and HEART, I mean life if you want to be a Hippy).

      Its bad enough that the movie says we only use 10% brain, but now only time matters?

      • DarkVeghetta

        You see, it’s because in The Beginning, there was no Time. Then Time happened and as a by-product, Bullshit also happened. Bullshit then created matter, energy, space and HEART. Eventually by these powers combined, she was Lucy with all the powers of Bullshit. SCIENCE!

    • John Haslach

      I… hated this movie ever since I saw the trailers for it. Honestly, that has never happened to me. I’m usually lenient on trailers for bad movies. Hell, the GL movie trailer was a fantastic trailer. This… I almost yelled in the movie theater when I saw the trailer: BULL! SHIT!!!!!