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    The only giant robot in anime named after a nasal relief spray.

    • mistspade

      As fucking awful as tuxedo mask being the main character would be, don’t you just want to see it happen? Just to witness the fucking awful train wreck.

      • Raiden

        Well there was that live action American animated pilot episode that thankfully never got off the launchpad. You can probably find a cheap bootleg of it on YouTube.

    • Cameron Ward

      omg yes. I forgot how bad the movie was. even if I didn’t watch the entire series, i realized the pacing and characters were off. Knowing now that it was a trainwreck of an adaptation of an entire series…yeah….

      can’t wait for next week’s review!

    • penguintruth

      The movie is worth watching on production value alone. The character art, backgrounds, animation, action, atmosphere and music are nearly flawless. But yeah, it’s as dumb as a brick. Super anti-climactic, doesn’t develop anything, shoves in elements of the series just for show. I get it. But I watch it every now and then, regardless.

      The Escaflowne TV series is a masterpiece.

      Also, love that Bebop clip. Great scene.

      • Raiden

        If you want a movie with the production value of this movie without the dumb plot getting in the way, look up sword of The Stranger.

      • sathriel

        Flawless? The faces are often messed up and characters look like creepy dolls.

    • Raiden

      What they should have done is take the movie in its own Direction separate from the series like Fullmetal Alchemist. Or made itself a spin-off from the Animated Series.

      Looking forward to the Digimon movie review. That has not aged well at all.

    • hariman

      Fox had enough sense to know awesome music when they heard it, and dropped Dance of Curse once an episode like Rodney Dangerfield dropped “no respect” jokes or Don Rickles dropped putdown comedy. The battle to that song was one of the highlights of the Fox run.

      The other big thing that held up the Fox run is that Van’s story stands up pretty well on its own, as does Hitomi’s story. Escaflowne actually has multiple versions, including a Shonen and a Shojo version. One ups the battles and fanservice, and the other downplays the battles while focusing on the romance.

      This movie was boring when I watched it on TV. It just didn’t hold my attention, and it’s sad considering how good the original material is.

      Heck, the fact that Escaflowne’s original Fox adaptation did almost nothing to damage its reputation, and was probably a BENEFIT because it made people interested in later DVDs, says a lot too.

      I know I actually spent money making sure I could get my hands on a copy long enough to watch through the series, to find out what happened.

      And that was just from seeing the bad dub, and later, Vision of Escaflowne Abridged.

    • Fiery Little One

      I remember bits and pieces of Escaflowne. The mech designs in particular were interesting to me. This sounds like a train wreck.

      • hariman

        The original anime, Vision of Escaflowne, is quite enjoyable and entertaining. The Fox version could only cut out parts of the series, and couldn’t completely hide that. (Funnily enough, the same thing happened with One Piece and Fox)

        This movie is… bad, as Bennett has covered above.

        • Fiery Little One

          As I said I *do* remember bits and pieces, so when he said the Zaibach Empire wasn’t in this I went ‘what?’ But, yeah, I could tell that this movie was not worth my time just by how he described it.

    • jesternario

      Don’t know why, but I was expecting him to hold up the digimon case at the end and suddenly go “NO! NO WAY!” before running off only to be tackled to the ground just before a cut to end credits.

    • I swear to God Sage…if I don’t get my goddamned Patlabor movie reviews outta this month…

    • Neon

      I remember kids I knew (when I was younger while the show aired) being grossed out by the show. I didn’t know why. :/

    • Gwydion

      Couldn’t agree more – what an absolutely gorgeous but downright awful movie.

      My sister and I got drawn in to the Fox Kids airing of the show, and we were devastated when it was cancelled. Eventually found the series subtitled on VHS on ebay for $40, and we were shocked by the changes that had been made, loving it all the more. And thanks to the Japanese voice acting, I gained a new favorite character (man, hearing Dilandau in English again after all these years was rough on my ears, I have to admit, lol). Needless to say we were excited for the movie. And man what a letdown that was… It was beautiful to see and hear, but, yeah, you really summed up so much of what made it simply not work. Shouldn’t be surprising that I opted out of the movie when helping to fund the BR Kickstarter.

      Anyway, really enjoyed this one, and it brought up some good old memories. Sadly I likely won’t enjoy he next one quite as much as I have a huge soft spot for the Digimon English dub. Here’s hoping I can take off my nostalgia blinders for that movie because it really does deserve a thrashing.

    • Eamonn Deane

      Say what you will about the Narrative Cuts in the Berserk :Golden Age Trilogy, at Least that Was One Season Condensed into something with a reasonable pace…..

      This on the Other Hand….. The Pacing in this Film is a shambles…