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    • Cameron Ward

      oh wow so you are finally doing a Pokemon review. that will be interesting lol

      still good review. Kind of a shame Ghost in the Shell keeps kind of shooting itself in the foot with how clumsy and clunky its writing and story telling can be. I know the original film is a classic, but I don’t think it’s as good because of the show and films’ execution of character and dialogue. It just makes for a tedious sit.

    • tasti man LH

      Still haven’t seen this particular movie. I’ll need to get on that, even if it’s
      not very good. Also, that a full review of the SAC series is in the works. So
      that’s cool.

      His next review after his break is…Pokémon the First Movie?
      Huh. Didn’t think he was ever going to bother with Pokémon period.

      What I’m curious to know is…what is he going to bring to this review
      that Doug/Nostalgia Critic, Suede, Linkara, and JewWario didn’t already bring?
      Doug already covered the side of a non-fan with a clean slate. Suede & Co
      covered the side of fans that have stuck with the franchise since Day 1. And
      judging by his past comments on Super Toolshed and social media, he is most
      certainly NOT a Pokémon fan. Which would probably mean leaning more towards
      Doug’s side of things…but what could he say that Doug hasn’t already said?

      • hariman

        The Engin33r is probably going to be brought in, if just to mention that he now voices the English version of Kiawe. And probably Linkara too.

    • Neon

      Really? Pokemon? …. Sure. Why not?

    • Kenneth Eaton

      Way to botch the ENTIRE review and make it a complete hatchet job Sage. You complete miss the entire point of the SSS plot and movie. The plot wasn’t that the kids get stolen from their parents. The Puppeteer is transferring old government VIPs’ (who had hijacked the system) minds into their “adopted” children who’s minds are erased and replaced with their “adopted” guardians’. This is also why Togusa was going to blow his brains out. The choice wasn’t kill yourself or live with having your daughter taken from you. It was kill yourself… or live on in your daughter’s body KNOWING you replaced her. When you factor that in, the plot makes complete sense. This fact ALSO entirely negates your claim that the movie and it’s plot were pointless. This is because as they stopped the people who had coopted and corrupted said system for their own personal gain, and the system was able to return to its original function and purpose. That said this movie’s plot really would have been a better spaced out over the course of an entire season. There’s just too much packed into it.

      • hariman

        I’ve got to agree here, on missing the point that the kids are brainwashed/re-educated into the system to maintain the system, hence the “Solid State Society”.

        Also, I thought it was 100% clear that it wasn’t Motoko controlling the body with the collective whatsis in it at the end.

        Still, an okay review, it just misses a few points here and there.

        Also, I guessed that they would probably rescue Togusa instead of killing him, because he’s Togusa, and everyone likes that guy!

    • Fiery Little One

      Yeah… This one felt a bit nit-picky, and I say that as someone who hasn’t see this particular entry into the SAC universe. I recently tracked down the manga that Masamune put out in order to give myself a boarder base for comparison to the upcoming movie. I found 2.0 to be more of a noodle scratcher than what I saw here.

      Finally taking a whack at Pokemon, eh? This should be interesting.

      • Kenneth Eaton

        Nitpicky nothing… dude flat out IGNORED the key plot point of the entire movie/mystery… then proceeded to bash the movie with the plot holes created by doing so.

        • Fiery Little One

          As I said, I’m more familiar with the series proper. (More the first season than the second due to the channel I watched it on back in the day not bringing the second to Canada.) That said, I know a nit-pick when I see one and this was full of them.

          • Kenneth Eaton

            Agree however his key points were the direct result of his pretending certain plot points didn’t exist and they are only valid/exist when you ignore it. Basically the only way to have missed the plot point was to have not watched the movie as the movie actually goes into IN DETAIL right before Togusa tries to off himself. It’s WHY he tries to off himself. It was basically the movie’s big reveal.

    • penguintruth

      No offense, but it seems like you were trying way too hard to find things to gripe
      about with this one. Solid State Society is a pretty solid movie, certainly better than Innocence, and while not as groundbreaking, probably more cohesive than the original movie, even if it doesn’t quite live up to the TV series it’s a sequel to.

      • Kenneth Eaton

        Not to mention he conveniently left out the key plot point that the entire movie hinged on… who’s big reveal was used as a sword of Damocles by the cabal to get Togusa to try and off himself or suffer a fate worse than death… living on in his daughter’s body knowing that her mind had been erased and replaced with his.. AKA what the Solid State Society System had been used to do to those kids and the old men who had supposedly “adopted” them. He then proceeded to bash “plotholes” only exist because he IGNORES said plot point and pretends it doesn’t exist. Dude basically just ignored the the key plot point SOLELY to create things to bash the movie about. That is assuming he actually WATCHED it and didn’t just wiki that shit. I say that because about the ONLY way to miss it is to not have actually watched it as the movie drew out and explained in painstaking detail… when the Cabal that had usurped the system tried to use it to force Togusa to commit suicide thus ending his investigation.

        • penguintruth

          I’m not sure if I subscribe to the “old minds in new bodies” interpretation of the events. It seemed to me like the point of the Solid State system was to pass the money from the old folks to the abused children so they could be financially independent and not attached to their abusive parents, but the politician was misusing the system to brainwash kids within the system to become a new class of ruling elite. I think what Sage was doing that bothered me was that he was nitpicking the shout outs to previous incarnations as if that’s all the movie had to offer while downplaying the social resonance of the theme of Noble Rots from the perspective of modern Japanese society (and frankly a bit more subtle than Roujin Z did it, though I think his issue with that movie was largely the English dub that erased some of the subtlety).

          • Kenneth Eaton

            I do given that that was the original purpose of the Solid State Society system… however it had been coopted by the current ruling elite to extend their rule. This is why the system itself and the collective minds within it had basically bucking it.

          • Kenneth Eaton

            Also agreed on it handling the subject of Noble Rots better than Roujin Z did.

    • Kenneth Eaton

      OH and FYI… the reason for all those car shots? Product placement. The cars’ manufacturers sponsered the movie.

    • Orzene

      When he started the counting gag… I was actually kind of waiting for the Engineer to come in and tell Sage to fuck off with that shit.

    • darkelf1988

      hey Guyver the dark hero, is actually pretty good

      • Kenneth Eaton

        So was Speed Racer…

    • Jeffrey

      Movie’s not perfect, but I like it better than a lot of the later GITS anime. I always enjoyed that moment where Batou is running to Togusa and his reaction after he shoots the gun and embraces his daughter. Even though it was a fake-out, I thought it was a pretty powerful emotional moment to see animated.

      • Eli Herold

        I feel similar about “GITS.” I really liked the first season for the most part, although the last few episodes were a bit lacklustre. But after the episode where Kuze tried to kill Prime Minister Kayabuki things just went kind of downhill and I felt like the refugee subplot could’ve been delt a little better, like they weren’t sure about what to do. And it’s a shame because many things in the second season are interesting like the Individual Eleven and the history behind it. I stopped after the sixth episode and I’m not sure if I should continue. I’m not sure why people call it a modern classic.

        • Jeffrey

          I still think it’s pretty good, but the show is very dense and verbose and can understand why some might not enjoy it.

          • Eli Herold

            I’m not sure about dense, but I also still like it or at least the first season. I still need to watch “Innocence” and “Arise”.

    • Will Schutte III

      lol In case of emergency break for battle axe

    • bardic

      Using Yakety Sax for the counting gag was a missed opportunity for some Gary Numan