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    Anime Abandon: Maze

     Feb 2 2017 | more 

    Yup, time for another head trip down Insanity Boulevard.

    • Orzene

      Curious to know where this one ranks on the “WTF I Don’t Even …” list. I mean.. Mad Bull 34 didn’t have incest or magical sex-changes in it.. but it did have the Pube Grenades.. ….

      • cynicalnerd

        I imagine it would be something like this:
        1.) Sins of the Sisters
        2.) Jungle De Ikou
        3.) Ninja Resurrection
        4.) Apocalypse Zero
        5.) Maze
        6.) Mad Bull 34
        7.) Tokyo Revelation

    • Cameron Ward

      Well then, that was certainly a weird anime…but neat more Gall Force

    • Ilian Todorov


      In the real world Male Maize (Akira) and his sister Female Maize (Mei) shared a taboo love that led to him being outcast by their parents. In time both halves of Maze fall in love with each other again, even though they can only meet each other physically during sunrise and sunset. At the conclusion of the TV series, they choose to not go back to the real world, as this is the only world that they can share their love.
      -almost directly copied by Wikipedia

      • Sol

        I’ll take them staying in that other world, because at least sharing a body means they can’t actually have sex with each other.

        • Ilian Todorov

          You are searching for logic in this show? It almost made me blow a blood vessel just by trying.

    • tdanny

      That was so insane I am gonna have to get drunk with some friends and watch this with them, just to see how many of them will still be in the room by the end and how many will have leapt though the window xD

    • Kimarous

      “How can something be undeader?” First thing that came to mind was “undead skeleton turned into skeletal ghost.”

    • hariman

      …No no, the cat leaving the bird does it for a reason. It’s pack behavior offering a kill to the superior member of the pride/family group/etc. This anime just seems like someone is putting their perversion into an anime, or at least just trolling the audience.
      I am SO glad that I missed a bunch of anime by not getting into anime during the VHS era.
      Personally, I like my terribad anime to… um… actually, I don’t like terribad anime. Occasionally I’ll have some fun with a stupid anime, but this is only a half step above Jungle De Ikou. Juvenile, perverted, and utter shit.

      Maybe the creature is named “Undeader”, and it makes its victims into undead? I don’t know, I’m stretching. It’s the least offensive part of the anime, and I’d rather think about that than anything else the anime had to offer.

    • Jonathan Rodriguez

      lol 12:15 I got to that point too before I realized “wait a minute”

    • TerminalSanity

      What? Why..? why.? I don’t….. WTF!!!! WTF WAS THAT!!!!??!!!!! Seriously this property was liked enough to have a series? Its like it was made for and by the simultaneously most perverted and immature/naive sexual deviants on the planet.

    • Fiery Little One

      How are you still sane* after that?

      *for certain values of ‘sane.’

    • Eli Gionet

      those two cases, one silver and one gold on Sage’s bookcase (the upper shelf) is that Mobile Fighter G?

    • Bryan K

      Heyo! Great episode Sage. For everybody, Sage and fans alike, if I have my records right, this is episode 166 yeah?