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    Anime Abandon: Riding Bean

     Dec 2 2017 | more 

    By far and away, one of the MANLIEST old school anime to ever be dubbed.

    • Cameron Ward

      Man, I wish you didn’t do the entire review in that annoying voice….

      • chainsawmidget

        Agreed. Please don’t ever talk like that again.

    • Pamcake

      I first discovered this from Fred Patten, and enjoyed it. As for Gundam, I wouldn’t be surprised if you covered Gundam Wing this month.

    • MichaelT

      How many white t-shirts did you blow through for this video?

    • ThorIsHere

      Is that levi from black lagoon on the manly wall?

    • 1:11 Yet no mention of Jotaro? Dawh 🙁

      3:46 Ok, even Baby is calling bullshit with that. (And secretly envying Bean with every fiber of his being.)

    • Neon

      YYYEEEEESSS!! GUNDAM!! FUCKING FINALLY!! MY FAVOURITE FRANCHISE!!!! ……. Also F91 was a pile of shit 😀

    • BulletLogic

      Cover the OVAs….cover all the OVAs! 08th MS Team, 0080, 0083. Don’t forget to mention that David Hayter has a staring role in 0080!

    • dkates

      OK, that voice worked well enough for this review, but please, never do that again. One, it will get annoying really quickly, and two, there is no way that wasn’t murder on your throat.

    • Chris Tolley

      Great review but not a fan of the voice.