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    Anime Abandon: Robot Carnival

     Jan 14 2016 | more 

    Think less Ringling Brothers, and more Cirque Du Soleil.

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    • Alexa

      Is Sage referring to Miyazaki or Lupin when he says he did wrong to? Must be Lupin, since I don’t remember him discussing Miyazaki before. Guess next time we’ll see =T

      Also I’ll probably check out Robot Carnival because wow is that animation amazing looking, and honestly both shorts with the robot dudes saving the girls look at least like cheesy fun, at least…

    • Cameron Ward

      hmm Well, I definitely get where you are coming from. I think some of the ideas needed more focus and of course, some of the shorts are better than others, the case with all anthology films, but I still really like it. I went into it with the mind of an animated experience, and I came out with a pretty positive experience.

      I find the different stories admirable and personally, I was not bothered by the ending to the one you had a hang up on. Again, I see where you are coming from, but I really liked the short. And I didn’t see a neckbeard feminist. Just someone who is emotionally….not developed since it was apparent his childhood and his marriage were….not the best. It came off like an episode of Black Mirror.

      I will agree though that listening to the english dub work of the giant robot fight is all kinds of Breakfast at Tiffany’s terrible. I actually turned it onto the original language and sub for that one short

      The one complaint I have is while I agree with some of your criticisms, and you have every right to keep them and i’m not saying you shouldn’t have them since that’s stupid, but you came off a tad too aggressive for the most part. You obviously showed that you do have positives to say about the film, but it felt more like you just had a really crappy day and needed a punching bag to take your anger out on whether the short deserved all that rage or not lol. Again, if I sound like i’m being like those people who harass you over Evangelion, Akira (I actually agree with you about Akira), and so on, and if I do, i honestly apologize.

      Still, a good review, but i think after some of the extremely schlock crap you have seen, Robot Carnival is at least 100x better than most of the garbage you put yourself through. Or do you need to sit through Sins of the Sisters II again?

      • The Holy Van Diver

        I agree, Sage is too critical of this one. I think he’s looking for more than was ever intended to be found in this film. There’s no real meaning to be found here, after all it’s a Robot CARNIVAL. Carnival is the key term here. It’s colorful and it’s noisy, and full of brief thrills and short term fun.

    • lt_amazil

      “For what purpose was I to be made?”
      “You pass butter”

      • Jegsimmons

        “…Oh my god!”
        “Yeah, join the frickin club, pal.”

    • Kohdok

      Sitar = Chrono Trigger.

      Maximum overkek.

    • Orzene

      Castle of Cagliostro, eh? This oughta be interesting. I remember watching it a few years back.

      • DJKennedy90 .

        I still got my original Manga Entertainment dub on DVD, still great (unless you’re a hardcore Lupin fan, in which case it’s too overly sentimental).

        David Hayter seemed type casted as voicing guys who do a lot of sneaking into enemy bases.

    • JillyBean

      I get a kick out of seeing the Gundam DVD’s on the shelf finally! Now those are some robots.

      I like this movie though, I think I’ve seen it before when I was a kid. But I’m in love with the visuals more than the stories.

      Looking forward to Castle of Cagliostro. I’m oddly fond of it, even if it really doesnt mesh super well with other versions of Lupin.

    • Eucratides_Megas

      Not to be a dick sage, but Obama or Hillary would be both more appropriate and also relevant to 2016, what with the relentless drone bombing and complete destruction of Middle Eastern order in the wake of President Peace Prize’s onslaught. It’s not like hundreds of thousands are dead, terrorism is rampant, and the current president is a shiftless retard so far out of his depth and yet regarded as an intellectual that his actual performance and media perception are insanely asymmetrical. It’s similar to an NVA insurgent immortalized/canonized as a sainted victim of American warfare for a lucky picture of his execution taken right after he had murdered women and children in their homes during a ceasefire.

      Actually, no, I will be a dick about this. Find a better punchline you lazy fuck.

      • SergioMeira

        Sorry, but you’re wrong — Sage’s punchline is just perfect. He shouldn’t change a thing.

      • Athanasius Kirchner

        So far on AA, over four years, Sage has made ONLY TWO political references, both of which have left you butthurt and whining. If you’re that sensitive, better stay out of the Internet.

    • Jason olin

      To go into more depth, the robot in the first skit with the scientist is mimicking everything it sees it’s creator doing. When the scientist falls over, so happy his creation came alive, the machine falls as well…. it just so happens to fall on top of him.
      The voice actress, Lisa Michelson, who played the robot built and destroyed by the pro feminist in the Presence short died in a car wreck in 1991 =(

      The skit with the girl who is cheated on by her boyfriend was made by the studio that created gundam. The blonde guy cheater looks a lot like Char, doesn’t he?